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Make Instant Pot Baby Food With This Free Printable Cook Time Cheat Sheet

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We have a new baby at our house and that’s a whole new world when it comes to recipes and dinner time around here. I love making quick and easy meals (especially during the school year) for my family so Instant Pot baby food is also a go to. This free printable cheat sheet will help to get the cooking time in the pressure cooker right every time!

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Make Instant Pot Baby Food With This Free Printable Cook Time Cheat Sheet

Back to school is a rough time. It’s the time of year when all gets busy again. There are just so many after school activities to contend with and places to be. Dinner is seriously just simplified with easy to make Instant Pot recipes!

We like to sit down around the table as a family for dinner time. That can be difficult to do every night. Especially on the busy days when we are all going in different directions. But meals in the Instant Pot (or even a go to CrockPot recipe) helps to make eating dinner together actually happen.


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Instant Pot Baby Food

A pressure cooker makes the process of homemade baby food so much easier. Cooking fruits and vegetables in an Instant Pot is much faster and the foods come out perfect every time. Plus you can cook so much more at once!

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And now for that cheat sheet!

The following baby food cook time cheat sheet is broken down into the different food group recipes for baby.

Baby Food Vegetables

  • Carrots baby food recipe
  • Zucchini baby food recipe
  • Cauliflower baby food recipe
  • Beetroot baby food recipe
  • Green beans baby food recipe
  • Sweet potato baby food recipe
  • Broccoli baby food recipe
  • squash baby food recipe
  • Asparagus baby food recipe
  • Red or orange bell pepper baby food recipe
  • Parsnip baby food recipe
  • Spinach baby food recipe
  • Kale baby food recipe
  • Peas baby food recipe
  • Pumpkin baby food recipe
  • Cabbage baby food recipe
  • Eggplant baby food recipe
  • Leeks baby food recipe



Baby Food Fruits

  • Banana baby food recipe
  • Pear baby food recipe
  • Apple baby food recipe
  • Peach baby food recipe
  • Mango baby food recipe
  • Blueberry baby food recipe
  • Strawberry baby food recipe
  • Cherry baby food recipe
  • Apricot baby food recipe
  • Prunes baby food recipe
  • Plum baby food recipe
  • Pineapple baby food recipe


There are even some ideas for combinations!


Baby Food Puree Combination Ideas

So many great combinations for homemade baby food!

  • Carrot Apple Ginger Baby Food Recipe
  • Sweet Potato Banana Baby Food Recipe
  • Avocado Banana Apple Baby Food Recipe
  • Banana Blueberry Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipe
  • Squash Peas Baby Food Recipe
  • Pear Apple Banana Baby Food Recipe
  • Beets Apple Baby Food Recipe
  • Kale Carrot Baby Food Recipe
  • Cabbage Apple Baby Food Recipe
  • Green Bean Broccoli Apple Baby Food Recipe
  • Kale Blueberry Banana Baby Food Recipe
  • Pumpkin Parsnip Sweet Potato Baby Food Recipe
  • Red Pepper Apple Ginger Baby Food Recipe
  • Mango Apple Carrot Baby Food Recipe
  • Cherry Beet Banana Baby Food Recipe
  • Asparagus Pear Baby Food Recipe
  • Broccoli Peas Apple Baby Food Recipe
  • Eggplant Plum Pear Baby Food Recipe




Free Printable Instant Pot Baby Food Cook Time Cheat Sheet

But how long should fruits and vegetables for baby be cooked in the Instant Pot? You definitely do not want to over cook because that can remove some of the important amounts of vitamins in the baby food. This free printable cook time cheat sheet has everything broken down for you to the minute so you can get the perfect Instant Pot baby food every time. Want to make different combinations of baby food? Ideas for that are included on the sheet as well. Plus, there’s even a guide for which age to introduce each new food! 


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Get the free printable HERE.

Homemade baby food will keep in the fridge for up to 72 hours or you can store in the freezer for up to 3 months.


You’ll have to let me know how these home baby food recipes work for you!


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