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It’s the most wonderful and not so wonderful time of the year!

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The month of March in my opinion is so very dandy.


The weather begins to FINALLY shape up.  Here in the Lou we begin to say buh-bye (fingers crossed) to our wind chill filled winter.  If you live in a “dry cold” kind of climate I envy you.  Greatly.  If you live in a climate where it’s constant 80 degrees all winter…  I envy you even more!  There’s nothing quite like a blast of wind chill to make you never want to leave your house all winter.  I cannot even imagine what the people in the states above mine or Canadians go through during the winter.  My only advice for them?  There’s a reason the birds fly south for the winter. *wink*

I was beginning to worry about my March-is-here-sort-of-theory.  On the 1st of March we were graced with the white stuff that accumulated to somewhere around 5 inches.


Technically it snowed AGAIN a few days after the above picture was taken but we didn’t go out in it that time.  The wind chill.  Oh the wind chill.  Sorry guys.  There’s just nothing dandy about that.  Nothing.  Well, little babes do look really darling dressed to go out in it so…

That was then and this is now:



Kind of hard to believe that just days ago we were trudging through snow and today the temperatures were in the upper 60s.  Buh-bye, wind chill.  Until we meet again in the month of December.

So why is the month of March both wonderful and not so wonderful (besides the late winter blast)???  It’s all because of this gloriousness:


And this:


The two together could seriously bring about world peace.


Maybe we should be shipping Cadbury and Girl Scout Cookies to waring countries around the globe?  Just a thought.

The two together are also not-so-wonderful IF you are trying to drop a few pounds.  You will indulge.  You will fall victim to the month of Samoas and Mini Eggs.  Your log with My Fitness Pal will look like this:


You’ll stop tracking and leave it empty.

Because recording the amount (ahem box) of Samoas you just ate will create too much guilt.

It will happen.  And it’s okay because you will not be alone.  I’ll be right there with you.  I already am. (As I pop another mini egg into my mouth.)

Don’t worry.  April will be here before you know it!

Audrey Trier

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Notes From Undergroud

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