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Kansas City LEGOLAND And Sea Life Education Time

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Ever since we went to the land of LEGO (clear back in April) we have heard about it nonstop from the 6 year old.  I believe that the “when” questions began about a week after we got back home.  It was never a matter of “can we”.  It has always been “when are we”.  You know the drill…  When are we going back?  When are we going to Kansas City?  When are we going to LEGOLAND?  When are we going to that really cool aquarium?  When?  When?  When?  So naturally we had to plan a trip to go back.  Back to Kansas City.  Back to LEGOLAND.  Back to Kansas City LEGOLAND.  Back to the Sea Life Aquarium.  Back to Kansas City LEGOLAND. Back.  Back. Back.  Of course we (the parentals) were okay with this scenario or else it wouldn’t have taken place twice in the same year.

We devised a plan.  We asked a friend family to go with us.  We selected a weekend in November and decided to turn it into a long weekend.  I like to refer to such weekends as parent-made educational long weekends.  There’s nothing wrong with the occasional “educational” day off of school, right?  Both LEGOLAND Discovery Center and the Sea Life Aquarium are educational.  I will outline below all the ways in which this is true.

#1:  P.E. at LEGOLAND?  It’s true.  Yes, you can get your workout on with gym within the land of LEGO!

Use your muscles to mix a giant bin of LEGOS.  You can also peddle super fast and you will soar high.




#2:  At LEGOLAND you learn about career options.  There really is a future in being a Master Model Builder.

So keep building and one day you can be designing some really amazing LEGO creations.




#3:  Lessons in Literature are available at LEGOLAND Kansas City.

I have a feeling we weren’t in Kansas City anymore…



#4:  Math.  There are entire tubs full of LEGOS that you can sit in and count to your heart’s content.

This guy counted 568 LEGOS.  I think.

#5:  Star Wars.  Enough said.  At least according to my husband.



See?  Education abounds at the KC LEGOLAND! And all kids love LEGO fun.

Then right next door you can find the Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium.  So many interesting things to see here.

FULL of educational opportunities.



You can get up close and personal with so many different types of sea life.

legoland8The kids had a blast, they learned a lot, and we will be going back.

Or as Banjo likes to say…  “When are we going back?”

How can anyone possibly say no to something that’s so very dandy and educational?

The plans for our next field trip to the Kansas City LEGOLAND and Sea Life Aquarium are already underway.

Don’t miss our next trip!

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