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Kid’s Jeans Sale: Only $8.88!

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This is THE kid’s jeans sale that you do not want to miss!  Seriously.  Remember how I told you about how I missed it the last time?  Not going to happen again.  I’m stocking up just as soon as I finish typing this blog posting up for YOU.  Yes, my friends.  You come first.  *wink*


The kid’s jeans sale to end all other kid’s jeans sales is TODAY ONLY at Crazy 8.  I don’t think that I’ve EVER paid just $8.88 for a pair of jeans.  Until today.  This deal is so very dandy.

Plus, while you are at it put a few other items in your cart.  Because guess what?  EVERYTHING at Crazy 8 is $12.99 and UNDER.

dandy deal

How is that even possible?  It is though.  It is.  Oh it is.  This is only the 2nd major deal that I’ve seen on back to school clothes and it’s not going to be around for long.  Remember.  TODAY ONLY.

So if you missed the first $8.88 kid’s jeans sale like I did then get in on this deal before it’s gone.


Have a very dandy weekend AND…

Happy Shopping!!!   

dandy deal jeans

*This posting contains affiliate links but all opinions are strictly my own.

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