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5 Reasons Why Kids Like Thousand Hills Branson Condos

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On our trip to the Ozarks last month we partnered with the Thousand Hills Branson Condos. This resort provides such great family of accommodations. You may remember that we stayed at one of their cabins in the spring. That was such a dandy trip. Truly the perfect multigenerational vacation. Our kids love to travel with us and we are happy that we’ve found the perfect place to stay in Branson. Find out below why my kids enjoyed the condo so much. Thousand Hills is by far the best Ozark resort accommodations in Branson!


5 Reasons Why Kids Like Thousand Hills Branson Condos


1.) King size beds.

Our kids loved the size of these beds. They ran from room to room when we got there. Just checking everything out. They couldn’t believe that the beds were big enough for all of them and had a good laugh over it.


2.)  Spacious bathrooms.

The bathrooms at Thousand Hills are really top notch. My kids were amazed that the bathrooms were event as big as a bedroom!


3.) Comfortable furniture.

The condos have some many great pieces of furniture. Perfect for lounging around and just enjoying your trip away from it all.


4.) Golf course views.

Thousand Hills is a beautiful golf course resort. The kids loved going out on the patio to enjoy the views.



5.) Spending time together.

Our kids loved just being able to spend time together. There was so much giggling and joke telling. That’s the most important part of going on a family trip. Just getting to enjoy that extra togetherness. And that’s just what we all did.

We loved our stay at Thousand Hills and cannot wait to return.

Have you ever stayed at Thousand Hills?

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