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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift You Haven’t Thought Of

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Father’s Day is on Sunday so if you haven’t shopped yet then you are probably starting to stress. You might even be stressing because you have no idea what Father’s Day gift to get. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to stress. First, take a deep breath. Sit yourself down and pay attention while you read what I’m about to say. There are plenty of great last minute Father’s Day gifts that will be just perfect for his special day. There’s even one that I’m thinking you haven’t even thought of!

Last minute Fathers Day gift idea that you haven't thought of. Easy Father's Day gift.

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift You Haven’t Thought Of

If you are my ago or older then I’m sure you remember books on tape. It was the way to “read” while on the go or doing housework. My nana always had books on tape going in her kitchen. It gave her something to listen to while she was either cleaning or cooking. She’d check them out from the library each week and just “read” up a storm. Books on tape were also an excellent idea for long car trips. Later books were put on CDs and now we have audiobooks. How quick things change, because I don’t think I’m that old!

Audiobooks actually make great gifts for dad so why not just get him a membership to Amazon Audible? It’s easy to do and the perfect last minute Father’s Day gift idea.

Amazon Audible Membership

It’s the gift that you haven’t thought of! Give the gift of Audible HERE. In addition to a great Father’s Day gift idea, it’s perfect for any type of gifting season, birthdays, graduations and just because.

What will your dad get from Amazon Audible?

  • A huge selection of audiobooks that are also performed by some really great talent.
  • He’ll get 3 titles each month of his gift membership. That’s 1 audiobook plus 2 Audible Originals.
  • Enjoy 30% off any additional audiobooks he purchases.
  • Ability to listen anywhere and anytime with the FREE Audible app.
  • Audiobook exchanges are free and easy to do.
  • An book library through Audible that he will own forever.

You can also try out Amazon Audible for yourself with a FREE trial HERE.

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Have a very dandy Father’s Day weekend!

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