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Free Printable Last Minute Valentines

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Yesterday I found myself in a predicament. I was scrambling for last minute Valentines. There I was going about my day when it hit me. I suddenly came to the realization that Valentine’s Day is on Sunday this year and that means that the school parties are on FRIDAY. As in this Friday. TOMORROW. The one year that I’m not involved in helping with the school Valentine’s party and this is what happens. Moral of the story? Always help with all the school parties so that you will always be in the know. Or at least read the school emails regularly… I’m sure that I’m not the only parent in this current situation. Not to worry! With the help of some fellow bloggers you are covered. Here are a few of the most dandy last minute Valentines.


Free printable last minute Valentines.

Free Printable Last Minute Valentines

The following bloggers are super creative and have some adorable printable Valentines. Super easy to make and a real time saver! Seriously just print them off, tape a pencil or candy to the back and call it good with these fun Valentines. I love all of their ideas. But first… one from me!


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Yours truly, Seeing Dandy: Tic Tac XO

Tic tac toe last minute Valentines.

I had so much fun creating these Valentines last year and the kids loved them. You can get the free printables HERE.

More Last Minute Valentines


Sippy Cup Mom:  Shopkins

Shopkins last minute Valentines.

These little shopping toys are all the rage.  We might just have a “few” of them around our house.  Word to the wise…  Wear shoes when they are present.  They can inflict pain much like a LEGO can.  At any rate these will be a hit of the classroom and kids just might want to trade them like they do the toys!  Get the printables HERE.



Leelou Blogs:  Smarties

Smarties candy last minute Valentines.

These candies aren’t just for Halloween!  How cute and creative are these?  They’d be cute for your kiddo to give out but I also think these Valentines would be perfect for a teacher to give out to her students.  Know any teachers? Get the printables HERE.



The Craft Patch:  Coloring

Printable cards adult coloring last minute Valentines.

Coloring pages are so IN.  They are everywhere and everyone likes ’em.  Really popular and perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Picture it on these Valentines… Attach a couple colored pencils and you’ve got a winner! Get the printables HERE.



Sippy Cup Mom:  Star Wars

Star Wars printable last minute Valentines.

Star Wars.  Need I say more? Get the printables HERE.




Good N Crazy:  Pop Rocks

Valentine you rock Pop Rocks last minute Valentines.

The 80’s are totally BACK!  If you haven’t already then now is the time to introduce your kids to the joy that is Pop Rocks.  They will be so excited to give out these Valentines!  Get the printables HERE.



Merlot Mommy:  Disney Villains

Disney Villains printable Valentine.

Around our house we have Disney on the mind because… We are going to Disney World in 10 days!!!  Who doesn’t love Disney?  Even the villains are lovable!  Making these Valentines extra lovable to give.  Get the printables HERE.



All Things Thrifty:  Mini Eggs

Printable Nacho Libre Valentine

I think these are hilarious.  Plus they are paired with Mini Eggs.  Mini Eggs.  I’m a Mini Eggs addict.  Good thing the Easter candy is always on the shelves extra early because affix a small bag to these Valentines and it’s perfectly dandy.  Get the printables HERE.

Easy to print last minute Valentines.

I hope that this roundup of Valentine printables came to your aid.  Now hurry.  Start printing!

Be sure to check out some other DIY/Craft projects on the blog HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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