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Leather Earrings And Where To Find Them

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Happy Friday!!! I finally got myself some of the leather earrings that I’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE and friends, they are amazing. Why did I wait so long to get on the band wagon with these?! So light and fun. Great look for fall fashion. I’ve got all the details on where to find them so read on to get your own pair(s).

All about leather earrings for fall fashion and where to find them.

These earrings are perfect for fall fashion, winter and basically all year long!

Leather Earrings All Seasons

I love this look especially for fall, but these earrings really do work for all year round. So trendy and so much style found in a simple piece. Plus this type of jewelry comes in so many great colors and textures. Basically there’s a pair to match any outfit or season.

Leather earrings for all seasons. Fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Leather Earrings So Comfortable

Leather earrings are seriously the most comfortable earrings that I’ve ever worn. I don’t even feel that they are in. In fact on slipped out and I didn’t even realize it because the things are just so light on my earlobes! A friend from college has been wearing these beauties for a while now. She owns Edeenut and knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. The girl has been raving about these earrings FOREVER and she wears them pretty much daily. I finally listened to her and got some. I’m so glad that I did!

Light brown or yellow leather earrings worn with other fall fashion and Michael Kors sunglasses.

I feel all fashionable and put together even when I don’t have mascara on behind my sunglasses.


Leather Earrings And Where To Find Them

Below you will find all the best leather earrings out there and where you can purchase. Most will even ship quickly so you’ll have them in plenty of time before the holidays.

Pointed Teardrop

Pointed teardrop leather earrings in metallic colors. Available HERE.



Rounded TeardropRounded teardrop leather earrings in metallic colors of silver, gold, rose gold, black and red. Available HERE.




There are even glittery styles.

Glitter leather earrings perfect for the holidays in red, white, black, gold, and blue. Available HERE.



And loads of different prints and textures to choose from.

Snake skin and other textures leather earrings.Leather earrings in gorgeous floral print. Blue flowers, purple flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, and pink flowers on black or white backgrounds.

Animal print leather earrings with cutouts. Leopard and cheetah prints perfect for fall.

These types of earrings also make great gifts and stocking stuffers. Be sure to also check out Etsy because are tons of different sellers there who make these simple but gorgeous earrings.

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Have yourself a very dandy weekend!


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