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LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs Tutorial

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Video gaming is really big at our house. My kids especially love playing games that they can work together to achieve a common goal. It’s great sibling bonding time! So naturally the LEGO video games are a family favorite because the kids can have fun and work together at the same time. These days LEGO Dimensions is played the most because it has something for everyone in the family. There are so many different characters and ability for the various genres to interact together. It’s fun for everyone so I decided to make some LEGO Dimensions Easter eggs. Super easy to do and will surprise the kiddos on Easter! Some of the following game pieces we have are ones that we purchased while others have been sent to us by LEGO Dimensions.

LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs Tutorial

With LEGO Dimensions you not only get to play a fun game, but you get to build the game pieces. They are LEGOS so that shouldn’t be a surprise. *wink*  LEGO pieces are also the perfect fit for being inside Easter eggs. That’s actually how I first got the idea for LEGO Dimensions Easter eggs. I knew that the LEGO Dimensions game pieces were the perfect size/fit for an Easter basket. But then I also thought that it would be fun to disperse the unbuilt pieces throughout the eggs. So I did just that! And you can, too.

So easy to create. Just unbox the LEGO pieces and place inside some Easter eggs.

There’s no rhyme or reason to which eggs you fill or how many pieces you put in each one.

You can even put the character pieces in a medium sized egg.

Such a cute addition to the Easter basket and I know my kids will be super excited when they start opening eggs to find new pieces for their favorite video game.

Is this an Easter egg idea that your own children will enjoy?

You can order LEGO Dimensions pieces to fill your own Easter eggs HERE.

Let me know which game sets catch your eye!


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