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LEGO rental is dandy!

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Welp, you learn something dandy every day.  LEGO rental.  Yes, it’s really a thing.  A dandy thing.  Yes, LEGO rental is dandy.  Do I ever share anything with you that is not dandy?  Of course not.  When I discovered this LEGO rental business it was quite the shock to my system.  How did I not know this existed?  Better yet how did I not think up this magical business idea?  I’m a smart gal.  Or so I like to think.  I’m quick.  I’m creative.  I mean seriously.  Come on.  At our house we are wild about the LEGOS.  Simply wild.




As you can see we have lots of LEGO love in this house.

I’m even in on the action.  My favorite Christmas gift this last year?  This guy:


 We are all wild about the LEGOS.

The extent of wildness that equates to lots and lots of Ulysses S. Grants spent.


The idea of LEGO rental?  Never crossed my mind.  I could have taken it to the Shark Tank.  They would have all fought over the concept.  Ultimately Mr. Wonderful would have given me the best offer because he’s my favorite.  I think everyone gives him a bad rap.  We all know that deep down inside he’s a soft, lovable teddy bear.  It’s all part of the show and a well played act I might add.  The entrepreneurs on that show should all be so lucky to get a deal with him.  We won’t get into my not so dandy feelings about the comments made in past years by that basketball team owner on the Shark Tank.  The one who called MY San Antonio River Walk ‘nasty’.  It’s okay.  Sometimes people just can’t handle when their team loses.  *wink*  I’m sure he’s still a dandy person.  Just doesn’t make the most dandy of comments about the beautiful place that is the River Walk.  Oh well.  Another time for another post.

Where was my time to shine in the spot light of the treacherous waters of the Shark Tank?  I could have made millions I tell you.  Millions.  I could have paid off our house.  I could have bought the luxury minivan with the central vacuum system.  I could have booked a suite at the Grand Floridian every time we go to Disney World and not worried in the slightest that the kids wouldn’t appreciate the gloriousness that is the Grand Floridian.  I could have bought a house at the lake.  I could have retired from blogging…  Wait.  Now that’s just silly.  I’m not sure I could ever fully retire from blogging.  I’d miss you all too, too much.  And who would share the all the dandiness with you?  So nope.  I don’t think I would ever truly quit blogging.  But millions, people.  Millions.  Can you even fathom how many LEGO sets can be bought with millions of dollars?  Probably only a few thousand sets because we all know how much those bricks cost…  Another reason why LEGO rental is so dandy!  We have come full circle.  And that’s the dandy lining in all of this.

Well played, Pley.  Well played.

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