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5 Les Misérables National Tour Favorites at The Fabulous Fox

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Quite arguably one of the best musical productions of all time is touring the country and is it ever fabulous. The Les Misérables National Tour is always popular and for good reason. It’s a musical phenomenon unlike any other. Truly a one of a kind story that generations have enjoyed again and again.

Les Misérables National Tour Playbill

5 Les Misérables National Tour Favorites at The Fabulous Fox

The Les Misérables National Tour has arrived in St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Widely known as one of the most celebrated musicals it has quite the theatrical history dating back to the 1980’s. The backdrop is that of 19th-century France where people had big dreams of rising out of obscurity, changing their course of life and the story has become a testament that can be related to by any era. Despite all the misery that can be bestowed on one’s life, the human spirit is something that can ultimately survive. That’s always a reminder each time I see this fabulous musical.

les misérables national tour cast

Image source: Matthew Murphy & Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

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Les Misérables National Tour Review

New Production of Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg’s Tony Award-Winning Musical

The first city I ever saw Les Miserables in was London. My husband and I attended a matinee and were able to sit in the THIRD ROW. Wow. That was an epic experience for sure. We were close enough to stage to see the actor’s spit as they projected their voices. Last night I got to take my oldest son to opening night of the Les Miserables national tour at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It was the first time for him to see it and he was impressed. Which is really saying something because he’s a teenager and doesn’t give me much of a response about things!

fox theatre les misérables poster

Always love seeing the world’s most popular musicals at The Fabulous Fox for opening night.

Les Miz

One of the greatest musicals of all time, Les Miz (as it’s called by fans) tells the story of a man who went to prison for stealing a loaf of bread and all the lives that he came in contact with. From the police inspector who spent his life seeking his idea of a convict to a factory girl who had a life of tragedy to the rescue of her young daughter to the young couple in love to the students who were fighting for change, Jean , It can be said that all those lives were part of his full-circle moment due to the choice made by a man of God that undoubtably changed the course of Jean’s life. Perhaps the reason it’s so well loved is due to the fact that it consists of so many different complex characters.

The test of time doesn’t change the fact that this blockbuster musical Even if you’ve seen it before, every time is like new. It’s a musical with so much emotion and you are sure to see something new each time you see it. Sometimes there are lulls in shows with extra content that’s just thrown in as filler, but with this musical there’s no additional material or fluff. There is a reason behind everything and it all works together to create a masterpiece.

jean valjean les misérables national tour nick cartell

Image source: Matthew Murphy & Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

How many pages are in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables?

There are 1500 pages in the Les Misérables book written by Victor Hugo. Get more details on the book HERE.

Interested in checking out the film adaptation? Get more details HERE.

preston truman boyd inspector javert

Image source: Matthew Murphy & Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

Les Misérables 2022-2023 Touring Cast

This is just a few of the cast members (in no particular order). The cast is HUGE. You can see the complete cast HERE.

Nick Cartell as Jean Valjean

Preston Truman Boyd as Inspector Javert

Haley Dortch as Fantine

Christine Heesun Hwang as Éponine

Matt Crowle as Monsieur Thénardier 

Christina Rose Hall as Madame Thénardier 

Addie Morales as Cosette

Gregory Lee Rodriguez as Marius

Randy Jeter as the Bishop

Devin Archer as Enjolras

Harrison Fox and Gabriel Lafazan as Gavroche

Cora Jane Messer and Hazel Vogel as Little Cosette and Young Éponine

Side note for those who have seen this musical before: I would really love to hear the littlest cast members (Gavroche, Little Cosette and Young Eponine) sing Little People together at the end of the show sometime. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Haley Dortch Les Miserables Fantine

Image source: Matthew Murphy & Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade

Les Misérables National Tour Musical Numbers


At The End of the Day

I Dreamed a Dream

Lovely Ladies

Who Am I?

Come To Me

Castle on a Cloud

Master of the House

Thénardier Waltz

Look Down


Red and Black

Do You Hear the People Sing?

In My Life

A Heart Full of Love

One Day More

On My Own

A Little Fall of Rain

Drink With Me to Days Gone By

Bring Him Home

Dog Eats Dog


Empty Chairs at Empty Tables

Wedding Chorale

Beggars at the Feast

And now for my 5 Les Misérables National Tour favorites…

Favorite Song

The magnificent score of Les Misérables is breathtaking. So many beloved songs that are recognized all over the world. On My Own is my very favorite. It really tugs at the emotions and gives a feeling of connectivity with the character.

Favorite Character

It’s so hard to pick a favorite, because as I mentioned before they are all just so good and that’s why I think this musical is so popular. Last night I found myself thinking Fantine is so now my new favorite. But ultimately my very favorite is Éponine. So much heartache and yet she still stayed positive even to the very end. I think it tends to be the favorite character is the one that you connect with from the memory of the first show watched and for me that was, and will always be from when I saw the show in London.

Favorite Set Piece

Brilliant staging is done to create so many different locations in old France. My favorite set piece are the screens that allow for the visual effect, both the cast marching into battle and Jean Valjean moving through the tunnels under the city while carrying Marius on his back. The level of expert choreography that goes into timing the steps just right is all in part with that set piece.

Favorite Moment

While I love everything about this enthralling story, the part that always gets me is when the cast comes together to march into revolution. So much strength and surety in their faces. Gives me chills every time. Dare I say this is the best national tour I’ve ever seen of Les Misérables? It is.

Favorite Snack

Of course my snack of choice would be a diet soda since it fits perfectly with one of the beloved musical songs. This collector glass comes with discounted refills at just $3. Perfect for when you attend shows all season long!

fox theatre collector glass

Think the Drink With Me song from Les Misérables.

Les Misérables National Tour And Tickets

There’s a reason that Les Misérables is known as the world’s most popular musical. Find out the reason for yourself at the Fabulous Fox! Les Misérables National Tour is on stage now until Get tickets HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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