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The Little People Nativity Play Set Is Perfect For Kids Holiday Decorating

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We love getting the entire family involved in the holiday decorating. But decorations can also be fun. The Little People Nativity Play Set is Christmas decor and fun in one!

little people nativity christmas play set

The Little People Nativity Play Set Is Perfect For Holiday Decorating

Christmas decorations have gone up around here! It’s an annual tradition to begin the weekend after Thanksgiving. 


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How To Get Kids Involved In Holiday Decorating

It’s easy to get kids involved in decorating for the holidays. There are so many ways that kids can help. It’s a great way to work together as a family and enjoy time together. 

Our kids love helping to put up the Christmas decorations each year. We are building wonderful memories as we do.


It starts with the Christmas lights outside.

Kids can be excellent helpers with putting lights on the bushes outside.

outdoor christmas lights on house columns

My husband had hooks put at the top of the columns. Then he reached out the 2nd floor windows with a long pole to attach the lights. Quite ingenious of him!



Kids can help put up the Christmas tree, separate branches and hang ornaments.

christmas tree with travel ornaments

This year we are sticking to just decorating with our travel ornaments. Getting an ornament from where we vacation is a family tradition. It makes a great souvenir! So many beautiful travel ornaments and memories to reflect on each year. 


Kids can string popcorn and cranberry garland to hang outside for the birds to enjoy.

decorating outdoor christmas tree with popcorn and cranberry garland to feed the birds

S0 much fun and easy to do. Makes a beautiful vintage Christmas decoration, too!



Kids can set up the nativity each year.

kids little people nativity set

Just make sure you have one for the kids that isn’t breakable. The Little People nativity is perfect because kids can play with it, too.


Best Nativity Set For Kids

The best nativity set for kids is the one made by Fisher-Price. It’s durable, unbreakable, lasts forever and a lot of fun. Ours has been in the family for 13 years now!

little people nativity

Each piece is adorably detailed and a fun addition to your Christmas decor.




Right now you can get the Fisher-Price Little People Christmas Story Nativity 10 figure set for less than $20 HERE.

Fisher Price Little People Nativity 10 Figure Set Christmas Story

Deals like this don’t come along that often on this set. It’s so fun for kids to put up each year for the holidays and then play with all month long.

Get the 10 piece Little People Nativity Play Set HERE.



We have the larger play set. Occasionally it does go on sale, but not that often at all. Get your Christmas shopping done now with this great nativity play set!




And sometimes the Baby Jesus goes missing. Like ours. He disappeared years ago. I should order the replacement…

Fisher Price Little People Nativity Baby Jesus Replacement
 You can order the Baby Jesus Little People replacement HERE.

All the other Little People nativity replacements are available HERE.

I hope your enjoys the Little People nativity as much as we do!

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