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Live With Aloha In Hawaii

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In January of 2015 the audiologist man and I went on a dandy vacation to a place we had never before been. We spent a week in Hawaii with his mom, siblings, and all of their spouses. Hawaii was just like I had always dreamed. The island life is truly enchanting. It’s just so relaxing and slow paced. The people of Hawaii live with aloha. And while you are there you feel it. Not a care in the world.


You don’t just feel it. You live it. You too live with aloha while you are seeing all the beauty that is Hawaii. We saw some of the most amazing waterfalls, beaches, and sunsets.




Unlike anything that we’ve ever seen or experienced before. And we’ve been to quite a few places in the world! The live with aloha way of life just doesn’t exist on the mainland. Perhaps it should. Life would definitely seem much more simpler. Less stress and all of that. Perhaps everyone should experience the Hawaiian way of life and bring it back home.

And to help everyone have the opportunity to enjoy Hawaii…

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I long to return to the islands with my audiologist man. Hopefully sometime in the future. Definitely needs to be sooner than later. I’m ready to live with aloha again in the actual land of aloha!

Have you ever been to Hawaii? What are your favorite parts of the islands?

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