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Best Long Lasting Nail Color For DIY Manicures

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In the world of long lasting nail color there are lots of options out there. I’ve yet to decide which is my most favorite. Perhaps it just varies by week or what I have time for. Sometimes I need a quick polish knowing full well that it won’t last longer than a day. Other days I can actually take the time (and steps) to create an at home manicure that will last several weeks. Either way I’m saving money by doing my own nails at home and not paying that premium price at the nail salon.

That Cookiewich goodness is from New Day Gluten Free here in St. Louis!


Best Long Lasting Nail Color For DIY Manicures

It’s such an easy process to do long lasting nail color right in your own home. There are a few different options and all are a perfect for every skill level. Here are just a few of the popular ones on the market for DIY home manicures.

Powder Dip Manicure

This is one of the nail options that I haven’t done myself yet. I’ve been hearing lots about this type of nail product. Pros: No UV light needed (This system truly does look amazing and I will be doing a review of it soon. Just need to order my Dip Well system and then I’ll be back with all the details!



Gel Manicure System

So easy to do gel nails at home! I’ve been doing my own gel nails for over a year and I’m quite the addict.




OPI Lacquer

I’ve long been a fan of this particular brand of nail lacquer. So many gorgeous colors to choose from. It goes on smooth and lasts a long time. Especially if you seal it with a protective top coat or clear gel.

Doing an at home manicure is seriously that simple. Tons of different options and the savings cannot be beat. Economical on my pocketbook and there’s no need to spend extra time at the nail salon. Get long lasting nail color at home while watching your favorite show or movie!

What’s your favorite nail color and type of DIY manicure?


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