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How To Maintain Aging Hair: One Year To 40

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Friends, I’m getting older. It’s strange how all of a sudden this age thing catches up to you. When I was 38 I didn’t feel 38. I didn’t even think that I looked 38 at least until I was nearing the end of that year. Then aging started to rear it’s ugly head at me! In August I turned 39 and I’m definitely now feeling like I look one year away from 40. Perhaps I even look 40 already. I have spotty looking skin and my under eyes are quite puffy. There’s also dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get.  Fine lines have started to form on my forehead and corners of my eyes. I’m even showing signs of aging hair. A strengthening shampoo has also been on my mind as a possible fix. Basically I’ve been looking for ways to reverse the aging process. Can anyone else relate to this stage of life?

Aging Hair

My hair has always been pretty easy to take care of. It’s exceptionally thick and coarse. Up until now it has been manageable. I’ve been using a straightening iron almost daily on my hair for years. With the type of hair that I have it’s just easier to fix that way. Naturally I don’t have perfect curls and I don’t have stick straight hair. So my style has been the straight look for a while now and my hair strands could definitely take the heat. Recently I started to notice that my hair was becoming really dry. The ends were even being singed by the straightening iron. Not a good sign.

I have aging hair.

Recently one of my friends sent me some MONAT hair care products to help with my hair dilemma. She has been raving about the system she has been using and knew that it’s just what I need to combat these aging hair follicles of mine.

I’m so happy to report that in less than a week of using MONAT my hair is already feeling less dry and more moisturized. Blow drying is taking less time and my hair appears more smooth. With age my hair was becoming more frizzy than it ever was before. Now it’s as if the frizz is disappearing. MONAT is definitely taking my hair and reversing the signs of aging.

I love that the products are safe for my color treated hair and a little bit goes a long way!

Do you have aging hair? You can get your very own complimentary analysis and recommendation from my friend! PLUS, the first 10 readers who contact her will can get a FREE trial system! These freebies are going to go fast so contact Nancy today for your MONAT system:

(314) 614-1772 or



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