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How To Make Easter Egg Garland For Spring Decorating

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It’s not quite Easter yet so that means there’s still time to decorate for it, right? I don’t know why this holiday has crept up on me, but then I seem to keep saying that with each holiday of 2019. Perhaps I’m just a busy mom and that’s a contributing factor for my being behind for the various holidays! This year I knew right away that I wanted to make an Easter egg garland for our fireplace mantle. I even purchased the plastic eggs weeks and weeks ago. Then the kid’s activities and spring sports hit and the whole spring decorating just went by the wayside. Here I am a few days before Easter… I’m just now creating and decorating! Better late than never I suppose…

Easy DIY Easter egg garland. Farmhouse style fireplace with white lilies.

How To Make Easter Egg Garland For Spring Decorating

This Easter decoration is super easy to make and shouldn’t cost you more than $4 if you get your plastic eggs at Dollar Tree. The garland is perfect for hanging from a mantle or at the top of a doorway. Lots of uses for this pretty! Alright. Let’s get right to it. There’s not much to do. This craft is super easy to create.

What you’ll need:

  • fishing line or strong string
  • plastic Easter eggs


What you’ll do:

It’s seriously that easy to do. Such a fun and festive decoration for Easter and spring. This is also a great craft for kids to do. You can use the glitter eggs like I did (remember they are super messy with getting glitter EVERYWHERE) or solid color eggs. Even decorative plastic eggs would be cute. Whatever look matches exactly what you are going for. The possibilities are endless. Happy crafting!

Easy to make easter and spring decorations.

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Happy Easter!



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