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Make Family Memories At Eckert’s Farms

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It’s finally strawberry season! Which means time for some fruit picking. This particular season will be followed by blackberries, peaches, apples, pumpkins and Christmas trees at the various Eckert’s Farms locations. There’s also flowers and vegetables in the mix. Basically a year round way to experience St. Louis family activities and farm life just across the river. We’ve loved all our previous visits and partnering with this amazing orchard farm.

Children enjoying Eckert's Farms.

Make Family Memories At Eckert’s Farms

Who else is excited about strawberry season? Did you all know that I worked at an apple orchard and strawberry patch all during high school? Did you also know that I sank all four tires of my grandfather’s old Ford Fairmont into the muddy strawberry field? Yep. Mud clear to the gas tank. I missed the turn and drove down an embankment. My boss had to use the tractor to drag me out. To this day I still blame the lack of power steering on that old tank. Embarrassing but good memories that come to mind whenever I’m at Eckert’s.

Delicious homegrown strawberries on a granite countertop.

St. Louis Family Activities At Eckert’s Farms

If you are on the hunt for some fun St. Louis family activities then you will find just that and more at Eckert’s! It’s not just fruit picking. There are carnival rides, tractor rides and more. Have a look!

This St. Louis family tradition is truly the perfect place to to make more memories. My kids love the carnival rides, but the tractor rides and petting zoo are a favorite, too.  Gives them the opportunity to experience farm life.

How YOU can make more memories!

Right now Eckert’s is making it even more easier to make the above St. Louis family activities memorable with their new membership packages. It’s brand new and the first time ever in 175 years! There are various membership packages ranging in price from $30-100. Some of the perks include free field access passes, admission to the Millstadt Farm, coupons, free gifts, and exclusive experiences on available to members. You can learn more and get your membership to Eckert’s HERE. These membership packages will help families to spend more time together making memories.

Girl picking strawberries at Eckert's.

Get all the details on the carnival rides, tractor rides, petting zoo and more HERE.

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