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MC Escher At World Chess Hall Of Fame In St. Louis

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Recently the family and I were invited out to a special reception showcasing the works of MC Escher. The place? World Chess Hall of Fame in the Central West End.

MC Escher exhibit at the World Chess Hall of Fame.

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MC Escher At World Chess Hall Of Fame In St. Louis

Did you know that the World Chess Hall of Fame is located right here in St. Louis? It’s okay. Many people don’t. Definitely a hidden gem in our fine city that is a must to explore. Much like the graphic design by Escher.



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I’ve known for some time now that the Lou is home to this unique hall of fame. We love the charm of the Central West End and have walked by the giant chess piece more than a few times.


World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis, MO.


Fun St. Louis Family Activities

Like most kids who excel in math and science, our son really likes to play chess. He’s actually quite good and has been know to take down even the most seasoned adults of the family. Over the summer he attended chess camp and learned some extra fancy moves.

Chess Kids

Check mate on a giant chess board with giant chess pieces.

Check Mate.



Even the little kids of the family are getting in on the game.

Kids playing chess on a sidewalk in the Central West End.

Fun St. Louis Family Activities in the Central West End

If you are looking for St. Louis family activities then look no further than the World Chess Hall of Fame. In addition to the special traveling exhibits, there’s so much to see and do. Play chess, see the massive amount of game boards and pieces in the Q Bout!que, and explore the 3rd floor to learn more about the game.

Chess boards, chess trophies and MC Escher at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St. Louis.

There’s even the 2019 trophies on display!


MC Escher Infinite Variations

I was actually surprised to discover the connection between Escher and chess. Metamorphosis II contains a fabulous chess board design that is amazingly detailed. Escher’s art is know worldwide and he was a pioneer of his time. Our kids were in awe at the fact that this type of graphic design was created on wood blocks to then be printed instead of being done on a computer. A technique unheard of in the 1930’s! It’s important to share both history and culture with our children. They can learn so much and so can we in the process.

Don’t miss your chance to see this famous art exhibit for yourself. M.C. Escher’s Infinite Variations will be on display at the World Chess Hall of Fame now until September 22nd. It’s free, open to the public and definitely a treasure that everyone should see. The perfect St. Louis family activity.

Be sure to take note of all the climbing stairs designs. I could stair at the detail for hours! 

World Chess Hall of Fame

4652 Maryland Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

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