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How To Grow A Meyer Lemon Tree: Gardening Tips For Indoor Growing

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I’ve been wanting an indoor lemon tree FOREVER. It’s the perfect conversation piece and functional way to skip the grocery store line when it comes to purchasing the yummy yellow citrus. A Meyer lemon tree is easy to grow and will yield deliciously sweet fruit a few times a year anywhere in the United States. So you don’t have to live where it’s warm all year round to enjoy fresh citrus from your very own fruit tree!

meyer lemon tree

How To Grow A Meyer Lemon Tree: Gardening Tips For Indoor Growing

Indoor (and outdoor) plants are most definitely a favorite of mine. I’ve always had lots of have lots of plants around my house. The extra greenery (and oxygen that the plants are giving off) just makes me feel happy. Particularly I’ve always envied those who can grow citrus trees in their backyards. The idea of just walking out back, picking a lemon off the tree and then slicing it open to spritz in a tall glass of ice water sounds heavenly. I love indulging in the slight taste of lemon in my water. No sugar. Just a touch of lemon flavor. It’s such a refreshing drink in the summer, too. If you like water that is infused with flavor then you’ll like these recipe on the blog. Soooooo refreshing!

lemon infused water

Garden Memories

When I was growing up, my great-grandmother had so many indoor plants at her home. She had quite the garden outside as well. It brought her so much joy and I have fond memories visiting her little piece of land behind her home and walking through her gardens. For me it was a secret garden of sorts and I would spend hours just pretending along the garden stepping stones.

Perhaps it was a generational thing because my other great-grandmother had a ton of indoor and outdoor plants, too! My Illinois great-grandmother even had this adorable little orange plant inside. It would grow these tiny little oranges and I was always in awe of the fruit. To this day I’m not even sure that the oranges were edible, my grandmother said that they weren’t, but they were such cute citrus globes! I just might have eaten one…

Citrus 101

Citrus plants are well known for growing in the western states or even the south where the temperatures get hot and stay warm climates all year round. I’ve always envied those who could pick citrus fruits in their backyards. But… a few years ago I realized that just because I live in an area of the country that doesn’t allow for backyard citrus fruit trees, I can still have this type of fruit production happening in my house!

A dwarf Meyer lemon tree is the perfect way to grow citrus indoors and not just in early spring, late spring or early summer. All year round! Meyer lemons are by far the easiest fruit tree to grow indoors. A cross between regular lemons and a mandarin orange, the hybrid citrus trees yield a flavor that is much sweeter than the typical sour lemon. No matter the USDA hardiness zones, you can grow delicious citrus fruit indoors!

Get your own indoor lemon tree HERE.

meyer lemon tree

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Where can you buy an indoor lemon tree?

There’s no need to go to your local nursery or garden centers to investigate on whether or not they carry this type of indoor citrus tree. They honestly might not! Home gardeners have found that they just simply order a Meyer lemon tree from Planting Tree and it arrives right to their front door. That’s how I got mine!

planting tree delivery

Planting Tree actually gifted this pretty tree and I was impressed how it arrived in a really sturdy box with green leaves peeking out.

I unboxed my tree right away and found the perfect indoor garden pot to add just the right amount of a pop of color to my front library room. Then I just planted the tree in the pot with some potting soil and set it next to the window where I knew would get enough light (full sunlight) for most of the day.

meyer lemon tree

teal decorative flower pot

Get your own indoor lemon tree HERE.

Follow these steps yourself and in a few months you’ll be growing your own delicious fruit inside your home from your very own Meyer lemon tree!

Can a Meyer lemon tree grow indoors?

Yes! It’s what this citrus tree is primarily known for. The tree is also a great option for growing in a large container on a patio all year long in warmer climates. Such a decorative tree for the patio with its fragrant white blossoms and yellow lemons!

How long does it take to bear fruit?

Now this will depend on the age of the tree. Typically the improved Meyer lemon tree is designed to bear fruit in the first year! The trees that come from Planting Tree will mature to bear fruit in approximately 4 to 7 months. Don’t be surprised when the lemons look green at first. They will stay green until they fully ripen. Just give it time for the lemon to develop to its yellow hue before picking!

How big will the tree get?

Mature height on a Meyer lemon tree can be anywhere from 6 to 10 feet. Of course this can be altered with how you decide to prune it to fit your space. The tree trunk won’t get extremely big around and the thin stems will branch out, but can be tamed.

Meyer Lemon Tree Care Tips

  • While this type of dwarf lemon tree does not require more than one tree for pollinating, Planting Tree does recommend using a small paintbrush or cotton swab to brush the pollen from one flower to the next.
  • Feed your lemon tree with fertilizer a few times each season.
  • Grow in full sun and well drained soil.
  • Place your tree in a room of your home that will receives hours of sunlight throughout the day.
  • You can prune new growth if you prefer.

Get more growing tips HERE.

I love my new tree that is in the front room of my home and I cannot wait until (probably late fall) when the fragrant flowers appear and then next will be true lemons growing inside my home!

meyer lemon tree white bookcases

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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