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Why Are All The Middle Age Women Disney Villains?

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With Halloween coming up I’ve had something on my mind. Something that I haven’t really thought about until now. So I going to share with you this thought with all of you! Ready for it? First, I’m not gonna hide the fact that I’m a huge Disney fan over here. My favorite vacation is undoubtably going to either Disney World or Disneyland. The magic suites me. It’s my place. I used to love all of the Disney princesses. Growing up I dreamed of being Snow White or Cinderella. Then I turned 40 and now my squad goals look more like the Disney villains. In all seriousness I still do love the princesses. I just don’t relate to them as much now? If that makes sense at all? They are all so young and so perfect. And I’m… well, now I’m 40.

Whatever happens to the princesses when they get older? We never get to see that part of their lives. They all stay young. Perpetually perfect. Eternal youth. Forever. We need a continuation to show that it’s okay to get older and that we won’t always end up looking like Cruella.

Basically in my mind they end up going from this to this:

Come on, Disney… get it together.

Give us something here. We women over 40 need our own pretty princess. Show us where the girls are now. They’ve undoubtably grown up eventually. Give us a middle age princess. Anything really. We need someone that we can relate to. Don’t always make the middle age woman out to be a villain. Do you know how insulting that is? We don’t stay young and pristine forever. Don’t make us think that we’ve just become one of the Disney villains.

Image source: Disney


Or… Perhaps I should just embrace my new squad. My Disney villains squad. I mean at least they are fashionable?

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Most days I do look like a villain…

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