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Middle School Boys Wearing Scrunchies On Their Wrists

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Last week was a bit of a blur. Like most weeks in the fall, it was a busy one. So much to do and juggle. Three kids needing to go here, there and everywhere after school. It didn’t give me much time for paying attention to the news and because of that I was surprised to see something totally new to me! On Friday I attended a field trip and discovered a whole new world… middle school boys wearing scrunchies on their wrists.

Middle school boys wearing scrunchies.

Middle School Boys Wearing Scrunchies On Their Wrists

This is my first year as a middle school mom. It does come with some adjustment. Elementary school age are eager to give you all the details of what happened to at school, etc. Middle school age? Not so much. I’ve found myself asking my son why he didn’t tell me about something or other. His reply has been simply, “You didn’t ask, mom.” Yes, I’ve entered a whole new world and yet it’s strangely similar to a life that I’ve already lived.


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Let me tell you a story about a pair of Converse sneakers, a scrunchie and VSCO girl style…


For me, it has been 30 years since the start of middle school angst. For the field trip I decided to sport my Chucks. I thought that they’d get me labeled as the cool mom. Nope. Apparently I should have went further back in my style mind, because it’s all about scrunchies, puka shell necklaces and oversized t-shirts. I view the look as 80s meets 90s, but the cool kids have coined it VSCO girl. That’s when I discovered something else.

Field Trip Discovery

Velvet scrunchies.

Middle school boys are wearing scrunchies on their wrists. It started with me noticing that one boy (with very short hair I might add) in our group had a velvet scrunchie around his wrist. I thought that a bit odd, but decided to just shrug it off. Okay. I didn’t shrug it off at all. I waited a few minutes and then I was that mom who asked the young lad if he knew what he was wearing on his wrist. He replied that he did indeed and that it was some “hair style thing” that girls wore in their hair a long time ago. Cue the feeling old.

From that point on I started noticing more middle school boys wearing scrunchies on their wrists. What was going on?! Why were boys wearing scrunchies?! Keep in mind that I had been too busy in the week to spend much time on social media or to stay up on the news. So I did what anyone would do in this situation. I posted on social media later that night.

VSCO Girls and Middle School Boys Wearing Scrunchies

And I quickly received my answer. A mom had posted the reason a few days prior. Middle school VSCO girls are giving middle school boys their scrunchies to show that they are dating. Mind officially blown. What I found to be extremely comical about the whole thing? There are many boys purchasing their own velvet scrunchie from the school store so it looks like girls have been giving them!

Little do these boys know, they can get 60 velvet scrunchies for less than $10 HERE.

Middle school boys scrunchies in a bag of 60 velvet scrunchies in various colors at a deal price.

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