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DIY Mint Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments For School Party

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The school holiday parties are upon us. There are so many wonderful ideas out there for arts and crafts, games and food, but I’ve found that it is great to combine some of the activities together. Especially for the sake of time. It’s easy to combine the craft and snack together. These hot cocoa mix ornaments hot are super easy to make, turn out cute and perfect for the school holiday party.

DIY mint Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments for school winter holiday parties.

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

Having a child with a peanut allergy definitely makes me more in tune with all the food do’s and don’ts at school parties. All food items brought into the classroom have to be prepackaged and checked by the school nurse beforehand. It’s a great way to help prevent allergic reactions for the kiddos with nut allergies. Since I enjoy having kids create their own treats (craft and snack in one), it has to be something that will be approved. Made at home foods could potentially be exposed to or contaminated with nuts. Prepackaged food that is produced in a nut-free facility is the guarantee that no one will be exposed to an allergen. These hot chocolate mix ornaments fit that just fine! All of the ingredients are gluten free and prepackaged. Just take the items into the nurse and then have the kids start crafting and enjoying hot chocolate at party. They can even take the ornament home to be enjoyed at home.

DIY Mint Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments Recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Clear plastic ornament  (I got mine at Hobby Lobby, but the ornaments are also available HERE.)
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • Andes Mints
  • Mini Marshmallows

Ingredients for mint Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments. Mini marshmallows, Swiss Miss hot chocolate, clear Christmas ornament, Andes mints and red snowflake backdrop.



What you’ll do:

  • Pour the hot chocolate mix into the ornament (1-2 packets will be just fine.)
  • Drop marshmallows in.
  • Snap mints in half and drop into the ornament as well.

Easy to make Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments.

Easy School Party Mint Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments

It’s seriously that easy! Kids will also love giving these ornaments as gifts or hanging on the tree at home.

Miniature decorated Christmas tree with snowflake background and Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments.

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Happy Holidays!

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