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How To Use Mirrors For Good Feng Shui In Your Home

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Mirrors are often known as the aspirin of good feng shui, and when used smartly and properly, they can work wonders in bring good positive energy into your home. In contrast, random placement of mirrors can bring negative energies and experiences into your home and life.


How To Use Mirrors For Good Feng Shui In Your Home

Here’s helping you understand how to use mirrors for good feng shui, and and reap its magical benefits.


Put it Up on the Main Entry

Having a mirror on the main entry point of your home is a good way to bring more good energies. This is because it can help bring more light around your entrance area and it also has that touch of practicality that you can check your reflection in the mirror before you leave home. Make sure you avoid putting a mirror in such a way that it faces the main door.

I’ve long been a fan of a nice hall tree in an entryway.

 And this one from Amazon has a mirrors!


Place Them in the Living Room

Placing mirrors in the living room could also be an excellent idea and a way to improve the feng shui of your home. You can hang an assortment of mirrors on a single wall to give it a nice touch of luxury, but make sure it is in the right feng shui bagua area. Also keep in mind that the mirrors are placed above your head level, so that there’s no way you can keep looking at your reflection there. See the fireplace idea below.


Place it in the Dining Room

Placing a mirror in the dining room is an excellent example of good feng shui use. Since the mirror reflects the food on your table, it signifies the doubling of food on your table, which invites more wealth and abundance in your life. It also adds more light to the space in your dining room, which is an added plus.

Those gorgeous flowers are from my talented neighbor. She’s a wedding florist in St. Louis and is amazing!


Worst Mirror Placement Areas

It is important to know the mirror placement areas that are actually not good for your home’s feng shui so that you remember where not to put them.

  • Never have a mirror facing a staircase in your home.
  • Never have two mirrors facing each other.
  • Never have a mirror above your bed or even reflecting the bed.
  • Never have mirrors in the kitchen, especially not big ones.
  • Never have a mirror towards your back in your study room.
  • The worst directions to place a mirror in your home is Northwest, South and West.


Best Mirror Placement Areas

Now that you know exactly which regions and areas you shouldn’t place your mirror in, here’s helping you understand the right areas for the placement of mirrors in your home.

  • North, East and Northeast are best directions to have your mirror in.
  • Having a mirror in your bathroom is an absolute must. The bigger the mirror, the better- unless your bathroom is located in a bagua area where the water element isn’t represented by mirrors.


  • Placing a big mirror over the fireplace is also a good feng shui move. It helps bring more peaceful energy into your home, and calms down the fire element.

I particularly like a round mirror about the fireplace.

This one from Amazon looks fun.

Do you use mirrors for good feng shui in your home?




Eve Mitchell

Thursday 30th of September 2021

I loved your advice about never having a mirror face the stairs. I think it would be so nice to add a mirror to my living room. I'll make sure to find one that matches it!

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