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Modest Evening Gowns

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Disclosure for this modest evening gowns posting:  This posting does contain affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) but all opinions are strictly my own. 

Did you know that you can actually find quite a few modest evening gowns out there?  Sure I’ve had modest dresses on my mind a lot lately.  Can you tell?  *wink*  Just with shopping for a black tie event that I will be attending soon, etc. it’s quite mind consuming!  Then a couple of weeks ago I came across this great blog post from Mayim Bialik.  I LOVED it.  So much about it had been on my mind.  The choice to dress modestly is personal.  Not everyone makes that same choice and it’s okay.  I’ve never looked down on anyone else for dressing differently than me and I would hope to get the same respect.  Basically it comes down to options.  We need options.  All of us.

I was able to find a few options actually in store.  Just a few.  As in like 3.  That’s not really the best of odds.  But… I’ve found that if you shop online there are a plethora of modest evening gowns.  Here are my top picks.

modest evening gowns

Keep in mind if you prefer some of these modest evening gowns will need some slight modifications.  For instance I’m the kinda gal who prefers sleeve to be lined.  Super easy fix.  Alterations can add some fabric under at the shoulder and then it’s done!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.49.15 AM

All of the above can be found at and I think all are quite dandy.


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