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Where To Buy Modest Kids Clothes For Summer Fun

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Dressing modestly is a struggle.  Not because I struggle with the idea of it but I struggle with being able to find clothing that is modest.  Why must it be so difficult?  Seriously.  A little more cloth never hurt anyone.  Is it too much to ask to have some options?  Apparently so.  The struggle?  It’s real. You’d never think that this would even need to be an issue but I’ve actually had to get really creative in terms of modest kids clothes. Yes for kids. Isn’t that kind of insane?  Especially with dressing our little gal.  Shouldn’t all children’s clothing be modest?  One would think.  Unfortunately it’s not the case.

More and more I’m noticing that children’s clothing is FAR from modest.  Do young girls really need to look like they are college aged and attending Spring Break?  Not to mention the whole need to protect ones skin thing.  Honestly with our kids (and my skin cancer thing) it’s not just about modesty.  Sure we want our kids to be modest but the extra coverage is also helpful for protecting skin.  So in my mind it’s a win-win.

Where To Buy Modest Kids Clothes For Summer Fun

Here are just a few of my go to places for where I find modest kids clothes for my own tribe in the summer:



Summer clothing for kids is usually the big culprit in terms of being immodest.  However I’ve found that Gymboree has so many shirts with sleeves that are also high quality.


Old Navy

I love outfitting my kids, especially the little lady, in shorts from Old Navy because they are available all different lengths. Old Navy has a great selection of capris and midi length shorts for girls as well as cargo shorts for boys.



Crazy 8

Say goodbye to all those tank tops for the kids. Put them in t-shirts that will actually cover the shoulder and help to protect from sunburns. Crazy 8 has so many fun graphic tees that the kids will love.




This one is primarily for the toddlers but Kohl’s also has summer outfits (that are modest) for the older kid. There are so many cute sets to choose from!




Do you have a go to store for modest kids clothes?  Which is your store???

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