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Meet Me At The Muny For Meet Me In St. Louis

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Last week we were in Michigan on vacation to celebrate my 40th birthday. My husband planned the entire trip for our little family. Such a beautiful place and we loved the time spent there. You can see pictures from our trip on Instagram HERE. While I was away Meet Me In St. Louis opened at The Muny. I missed the opportunity to attend opening night! Fortunately I have tons of friends who attended and I was able to follow all the fun on social media.


I think that this particular show is the ultimate ending to the amazing 100th season at The Muny.

Here are just a few of the scenes my friends were able to enjoy:

Photography credit: Phillip Hamer


Photography credit: Phillip Hamer


Photography credit: Phillip Hamer


Not in order of course. *wink*

Doesn’t the show look like a spectacular one? Such a shame I missed out on opening night, huh?


Meet Me In St. Louis

Even though I missed opening night there’s still time for me to check out this amazing show. In fact I’m going tomorrow night! Ahhhh! So excited! I’ll be taking my mom to the show and I cannot wait. It will be a much needed mother/daughter evening.

My mom has been going through some tough trials lately. Our entire family has been. My mom is an amazing woman. For 16 years she has been caring for her parents. They lived in their own home, but she was over there daily (sometimes several times) to check on them, pay bills, take care of their medicines, cleaning, grocery shopping and so much more. All while working full time and maintaining her own home. My mom even fought and won against cancer while taking care of her parents! She drove them to doctor’s appointments and they depended on her for everything. I only wish that I could be half the woman she is. So selfless and so caring to others. My grandparents wanted to live in their own home so my mom made that possible. She took on the responsibility and was the reason they could live all these years in the comfort of their home. Sadly life events have caused some changes. My mom wants so desperately to be their caregiver but a recent broken wrist and subsequent surgery has left her unable to do what she has always done. We tried to make it work, but during the same time frame (2 days after my mom’s surgery) my grandfather started falling and broke a vertebrae in his back. Now my grandmother is falling as well. The medical staff has stepped in and made the call that 24/7 skilled nursing is required. Last week my grandparents moved into a nursing home. They will be able to share a room and we hope that they can be rehabbed to possibly be moved to assisted living. Through it all my mom has been a rock. She’s such an example to me.

Thank you to The Muny for giving me the opportunity to share this show with my mom.


You can catch Meet Me In St. Louis until August 12th. For tickets and more information visit or call (314) 361-1900.



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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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