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Netflix The Baby-Sitters Club Is The Best News Of 2020

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What can I say? 2020 has been rough. It has been filled with loads and loads of sadness. Lots of questioning and wondering what will happen next. Basically not much to look forward. Despite it all, Netflix has brought us all some entertainment during these challenging times. I’m looking at you, Tiger King and Fuller House. And now… Everyone’s favorite streaming service is bringing… Netflix The Baby Sitters-Club to the house!

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Netflix The Baby Sitters Club Is The Best News Of 2020


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I’ve been so looking forward to this day for the simple fact that I think there’s something extra special about remembering the simple joys of childhood. Those books were my books. I read them more than anything else. The waitlist at the school library never deterred me. I’d wait my turn or find myself begging to be taken to the mall so I could buy the latest in the series at Walden’s. So many fond memories revolve around that group of babysitter friends. I just might be known for checking out the original books from the library onto my tablet. Yes, I just spilled a major secret of mine. The Baby-Sitters Club is something that can be treasured then and now.

Ann M. Martin created something that isn’t often replicated. An entire generation of girls fell in love with reading and for some, writing. Ms. Martin was not just my hero for creating a fictional world that I adored, she was also an idol. I often dabbled with the idea of becoming a writer and thought it was what I was destined to do. Young Authors competitions and creating my own works of fiction were enjoyable. I even worked on the school paper and went on to take journalism classes my freshmen year of college. Then the course of my life changed and I’m not even sure why. I worked in hospitals and went on to graduate with a degree in psychology, my focus being on community health. One might say that I just put writing on hold for a season. Once I found myself as a stay at home mom I began blogging. For over 10 years I have indeed been writing. It may not be in the way that I had once imagined, but it’s still putting words down that others read. It’s part of who I am.

Perhaps this new show on Netflix has created a new spark inside of me. Maybe I’ll sit down and sketch out the layout for a fictional work of my own. Only time will tell. For now I can enjoy seeing the world of my favorite babysitters come to life in my living room and sharing it with my own daughter. These are the moments that matter.

Watch The Baby-Sittters Club Trailer!

This new series on Netflix with bring the character to life. Starring Sophie Grace as Kristy Thomas, Malia Baker as Mary-Anne Spier, Momona Tamada as Claudia Kishi, Shay Rudolph as Stacey McGill, and Xochitl Gomez as Dawn Schafer. Parents everywhere will be thrilled to learn that Alicia Silverstone is taking on the role of Kristy’s mom!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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