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New LEGO Dimensions Packs

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In the eyes of my children there’s something simply magical about the mailbox. Envelopes and packages magically arrive from LEGO Dimensions. (Thanks, Warner Bros. for sending them!) First the entire LEGO Dimensions video gaming system for the Xbox 360 arrived. The kids were ecstatic. Magic. It’s now September 27th and that means that the NEW LEGO Dimensions Packs were released today. Another package will arrive for these kids to review. Magic.



My kids think that LEGO Dimensions is dandy. They’ve been so excited for the new LEGO Dimensions packs to come out. Fortunately there are plenty of existing packs to keep the kids entertained until the big day. We’ve been making some purchases to fill the time.


We picked up these favorites at our local Target.

There’s so much to love about LEGO Dimensions. What kid doesn’t love all things LEGO? Combined with video games then it’s a double win! With LEGO Dimensions you actually get to build the game pieces and characters before you play.


That’s my favorite part. I love to build the LEGOS.

LEGO Dimensions also allows you to enter the virtual world of LEGO. Even Ghost Busters!


Image source Warner Bros. LEGO Dimensions.

All the details on the new LEGO Dimensions Packs from Warner Bros:

  • Building the Ghostbusters’ Chinese Restaurant HQ physical LEGO playset to unlock the Ghostbusters Story Pack, which opens up a new Adventure World, Battle Arena and hours of new gameplay content

  • Becoming master of disguises Ethan Hunt with the Mission Impossible Level Pack

  • Exploring the Land of Ooo with Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess in the Adventure Time Packs

  • Battling as Harry Potter against “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” on the Quidditch Field

  • Riding along in the iconic A-Team Van

  • Exploring new Adventure Worlds and Battle Arenas with each expansion pack



Which new LEGO Dimensions packs will my kids be stalking the mailbox over?


It’s magical! *wink*

Which is YOUR favorite???

The NEW LEGO Dimensions Packs are available now!

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