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New school clothes are dandy!

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The time is now to get some new school clothes at a dandy price!

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In many areas the shopping for new school clothes has already taken place.  All over social media I’m seeing back to school pictures which means… School is no longer out for the summer!  It’s back in session already and I can’t believe it.

Is your kid’s school back in session?

This summer has really flown by too, too fast.  At our house we still have another week before the school season starts.  Banjo is entering 2nd grade.  Ruby is staring preschool.  Baby Cache?  Well, he’s just staying home with his mama.  But even he needs some new school clothes even though he’s not in school.  You’d think that I’ve already done all the new school clothes shopping.  After all I typically shop well ahead of time.  I never wait until the last minute.  Never.  This year?  Not so much.  I’ve had a very busy summer.  The fact that school is right around the corner has simple caught up to me without my even realizing it.  In fact it has passed me up.  I need to get out there and shop for my kid’s new school clothes!  The best jeans sale I’ve seen in a while is happening RIGHT NOW.

crazy 8



One Day and Online Only: Free Shipping and $8.88 Jeans at Crazy 8!

A pair of jeans for only $8.88?  That’s a crazy good deal!

Remember:  It’s TODAY ONLY so get it before the end of the day!

Happy new school clothes shopping!

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