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Oh My Heart: The Tale As Old As Time

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Seriously you guys. Say it with me. Oh my heart. The news that the live action version of Beauty and the Beast is coming next year simply gives me the chills. The original animation version is by far my most favorite Disney movie ever. I know that I’m totally telling my age here… but I wasn’t a child when it came out in theaters or was released on video. I was a teenager! These new images from the film that will be in theaters on March 17, 2017. Oh my heart. Totally the feels.




Don’t these make you remember when you first saw the animated film? I distinctly remember the Christmas that the Jolly ‘Ole Elf brought me the VHS of Beauty and the Beast. I was a teen and yet Santa knew the magic that I needed in my life. The teen years are rough and this movie actually gave me a bit of hope. It made me think of the more simpler times of my childhood. Times before high school and all the awkward stages. It made me smile. The soundtrack made me happy and filled with so much joy. It made me in some ways identify with Belle. She felt alone and yet she never truly was. We all have people who are in our corner. Those who will be there for us no matter what. People who support us and let us know that we aren’t alone. Even if we feel that way sometimes. Perhaps it’s something that we all need to remember again. That we aren’t alone. I think that movie has the ability to do that. See? All the feels.

Told you. Oh my heart.


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