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Ordinary Angels Movie Review – Fandango Gift Card Giveaway

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An inspiring tale of faith is coming to the big screen! The film from Kingdom Story Company is a testament that everyday miracles do happen, but oftentimes the miracles come through the hands of ordinary people. This Ordinary Angels movie review is sure to inspire you to take a trip to the movies and look for ways to help others in your own community. 

ordinary angels movie review

Ordinary Angels Movie Review – Fandango Gift Card Giveaway

Set in small-town Kentucky, Ordinary Angels centers around the lives of two very different families who are brought together in a very unlikely way. As the young Schmitt family is grappling with the loss of a wife and mother, a local hairdresser single-handedly takes it upon herself to make a difference in the family’s lives when the youngest daughter becomes severely ill. Ordinary Angels shows a different side to the power of organ donation. One that’s about community stepping in to make a difference.

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Talented Cast 

Hilary Swank, Alan Ritchson, Nancy Travis, Tamala Jones, Drew Powell, Amy Acker, Skywalker Hughes, Emily Mitchell

ordinary angels cast

Ordinary Angels Movie Review

This remarkable true story is a powerful reminder that community can become family.

When the call comes in that there’s a liver donation is available for a young girl, who is desperately in need of a new liver, an entire community comes together to make it happen. Ordinary Angels is a film that will inspire everyone to be better, make a difference and find their own purpose.

Story of Widower Ed Schmitt 

Alan Ritchson captures the emotions of an already grief stricken father who is fighting for his ill young daughter. Ed Schmitt finds himself overwhelmed with medical bills and then the race against time to get his daughter the life saving liver transplant that she so desperately needs. His hope and faith is dwindling, but begins to be renewed by a perfect stranger. At first he questions the motives of why the assistance is being given. Ultimately he comes to realize that it’s just what ordinary angels do.


Story of Sharon Stevens

Hilary Swank artful takes on the role of a woman struggling with alcoholism and has lost her own family in the process. She nails everything about the character from the highs and lows in Sharon’s life, right down to the thick southern accent. In this beautiful true story, Sharon finds a renewed sense of purpose as she first uses her business days at the hair salon to fundraise by giving free haircuts. From there she takes on everything from balancing budgets, getting medical bills waived, and evening lining up transportation to a transplant hospital hundreds of miles away. 

ordinary angels movie tickets

Ordinary Angels Opens February 23rd

My husband and I were able to watch a prescreening of this This beautiful true story is so uplifting and reminded me to look for ways that I can help others. There are so many ways to serve in my own community. I know that I’m looking forward to seeing the next movie from Kingdom Story Company. It’s a breath of fresh air seeing something uplifting in the movie theater.

Make your next date ordinary angels!

Ordinary Angels opens in theaters on February 23rd!

“Find your purpose. Make a difference.”

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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