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Easy To Make Paper Plate Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

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Start spreading the news. Spring is most definitely in the air! If you are looking for a fun spring craft idea for kids then you cannot go wrong with a paper plate bird feeder. Honestly? It’s a great craft for summer and fall, too. Okay and also for winter. Basically all year long!

paper plate bird feeder

Easy To Make Paper Plate Bird Feeder Craft For Kids

This is an easy spring craft that your kids will seriously want to make all year long.

I’m always on the hunt for craft ideas for my kids. They love doing crafts and building things. These paper plate bird feeders are perfect for kids to make. So much fun!

Why is this a good craft for kids to make all year long?

Birds are around and looking for food all year. Not just in spring! Having a bird feeder in your backyard is always a good idea. Kids just love to make crafts in general, but when it’s something functional that they can observe in action? Even better! Kids of all ages will enjoy watching birds be attracted to this paper plate bird feeder. And birds will be even more attracted to the bright colors.

It’s a craft that your kids will want to make over and over again!

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Paper Plate Bird Feeder Craft

What you’ll need to make the paper plate bird feeders:

paper plate craft supplies

Instructions for making the paper plate bird feeders:

Step 1: Paint two paper plates, 1 dark shade and 1 light shade and let dry.

red paper plates

Step 2: Add detail by using additional paint designs, paint pens or markers.

red painted flower
red painted flower design


Step 3: Cut the plates from the outside down to the outer part of the inner circle to form the petals.

Step 4: Hot glue the lighter shade plate on top of the darker shade plate.

Step 5: Hot glue the fruit cup in the center of the flower.

poppy flower paper plate

Step 6: For the stem paint the paper towel roll green, let dry.

Step 7: Attach the flower with hot glue on one end of the paper towel roll stem.

paper plate bird feeder craft

Step 8: Make lots of different color flowers!

yellow and red paper plate flowers

Step 9: Fill the cup with bird seed and place it outdoors for the birds to enjoy!

paper plate bird feeder craft

Bird feeders are so easy to make out of paper plates. The perfect craft for spring time!

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