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PAR-TAY the Dandy Way

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*I received free products in order to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

A packaged arrived on our doorstep while the husband and I were in Kona, Hawaii.  It’s a good think that my parents were staying at our house tending our children, because this was a very important package.  A very dandy package if you will.  They were able to then bring the box inside and there it stayed.  Awaiting our return home.  Otherwise it would have just sat outside all alone for a week.  So thank you, parents for being at our house!  Of course our children are quite dandy as well.  So I cannot leave out the fact that I’m ever so grateful to my parents for taking care of them while we were away.  Needless to say… the kids are more dandy than the box that was delivered.  *wink*  So thank you, parents for taking good care of our children while we were gone.   They had so much fun with you and we really appreciate the getaway we were able to go on.

But the box…  What was in the box?  It was a box filled with dandy goodies for throwing our dandy #DisneySide @Home Celebration!!!


We opened it when we got back home and have still kept the contents a secret for our children.  They need to be surprised at the party!  Don’t worry.  YOU will be surprised too, because this just a teaser post.  Ha ha ha!  I feel quite powerful right about now.  *wink*  Try not to stress.  All will be revealed soon.


With our particular box I was able to come up with our very own theme.  I’m going to give you a hint on that part.  You know.  Just to give you something before the BIG reveal.  Our theme goes along with this particular fabric that I’m using to make a decorative bunting for the event:



Any guesses as to what our theme might be???

As for the bunting…  Did you know that it’s called a “bunting”?  For years and years I was not aware that this type of decoration was called a bunting.  In my mind this has always been a bunting:


That’s Pottery Barn’s version and it just so happens to be what I used to envision when I heard the word “bunting”.  I would think 4th of July decoration on a big colonial house.

In the fall, while making a craft with some friends, I learned that this too is called a bunting:


I always referred to it as a banner?  Or a pennant?  Is that wrong?

What do YOU call it???

Stay tuned for more on our party to show our #disneyside.

The bash is happening this Saturday!!!!

Guess I need to get to work on making that bunting…

*I received the #DisneySide @Home Celebration Kit in exchange for throwing a party and sharing it on social media.

Sharing is Caring

Help spread the word about all the dandiness. Thank you, friends! You're so dandy for doing it!