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Parents Be Mindful: Jungle Book Is Intense

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Remember how my kids were traumatized by Zootopia?  Okay not really traumatized.  But they were quite scared.  It was a scary movie for kids especially when seen in 3D.  So after the whole Zootopia experience I decided to be very cautious regarding the newest Disney film: The Jungle Book.  I heard lots of people saying things like… Jungle Book is intense.  And… Jungle Book is not the Jungle Book from our own childhood.  That all being said when the Audiologist Man and and I were invited to attend a screening of the film we had a decision to make.  Do we take the kids?  Ultimately we decided to see the movie first and then determine if it was little kid friendly before taking our own kids to see it.  So that’s just what we did.

date night

It was a great date night and it was a dandy time.

The thing is… People have been saying that Jungle Book is intense because it IS intense.  Very intense actually.  Here are my reasons for it being so intense.

Jungle Book Is Intense Because Of The Snake

As a child I remember this seemingly “sweet” snake.  Kaa was scary to me as a cartoon.

Junglebook-disneyscreencaps_com-6045Image source Disney Wiki.

Can you imagine that snake not in cartoon form?  One that looks real?  And in 3D.  Oh my.  Kaa looked so real.  He scared me.

Jungle Book Is Intense Because Of IMAX

In addition to 3D you can also view The Jungle Book in IMAX.  Now can you imagine if you are sitting this close to the IMAX screen???  This film is so popular that you gotta get to the theater early.  Otherwise you will sit really close to the screen and then that will only add to the intensity.

jungle book

Yep very intense this close up.

Jungle Book Is Intense Because Of CGI

All of the animals in The Jungle Book looked so realistic.  The CGI (computer-generated imagery) was astounding.  As amazing as it was, this fact also added to the intensity level.  The animals attacking each other appeared even more violent than would be if in cartoon form.


The story line is the same and updated versions of the original songs abound.  Definitely a must see.  We loved it and will for sure see it again.  A great blast from our pasts that left us feeling all nostalgic for our childhood.

When you head out to the theaters just remember that The Jungle Book IS intense.  I would be hesitant about taking little kids to see it.  Somehow cartoons are less scary for kids because they don’t seem real.  This version of The Jungle Book seems just too real.  I think we could take our 8 year-old to see it and he would still find some parts of it frightening.  Definitely not taking our 4 year-old or 2 year-old to see it but that’s just us.

Perhaps kids in our society are just becoming a bit desensitized to scary things.  I’ve noticed more and more that PG and even G rated films are much scarier than they used to be.  I’ll just be sheltering my kids a bit longer from these scary things.  After all kids are only kids for so long.  Nothing wrong with keeping them little as long as you can.

The Jungle Book opened THIS weekend so go see it!

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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