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Patterned Leggings Are Dandy

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Disclosure for this patterned leggings posting:  This posting contains affiliate links (which means I earn a percentage of the sale) but all opinions are strictly my own. 

Alrighty, folks.  I figure that I’m finally going to board the patterned leggings train.  Not sure why it has taken me so long.  I’ve heard wonderful things about leggings.  How they are so very comfortable.  I’ve also heard not so wonderful things about the leggings not being pants and so forth.  I’m sure you have heard ’em all.  Well I’ve decided that if I just wear a long enough top or tunic over the leggings then it will be just fine right?  Then they will just be leggings and not pants.  Does that work?  I’ll try it out and let you know!

patterned leggings

So now here’s the decision…  Which patterned leggings should I try out first?  At just $10.99 I could get a couple to try out but there are 36 styles to choose from!  Decisions.  Decisions.


What are your thoughts on style, color, pattern?  I mean honestly.  Patterned leggings.  Should I?  Should I not?  If I should (And I think you are going to say that I should because everyone is wearing them, right????) then I need some help deciding on the style.  So…

Help me pick out the TWO pairs that I’m going to order!

Want some patterned leggings of YOUR own?  Get ’em HERE.

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