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Where To Buy Pineapple Soft Serve Mix (Dole Whip)

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Always a popular post so I figured that I should share again with you all! People are constantly searching where to buy pineapple soft serve mix. You know… the delicious Dole Whip dessert that is found at Disney World and Disneyland? It’s of course always available at the Dole Plantation in Wahiawa, Hawaii, but also at a few select locations around the mainland. But what if there’s not a location near you? I know exactly where to find the Dole Whip mix and how to make the treat at home!

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Where To Buy Pineapple Soft Serve Mix (Dole Whip)

I’m all about the pineapple Dole Whip deliciousness whenever I’m at Disney. A Dole Whip float is indeed the breakfast of champions. Here in St. Louis it’s available at Dandy Soft Serve and the St. Louis Zoo. So those of us in the Lou are lucky to have it local. If you aren’t in a location that serves the Dole Whip treat then you are not out of luck! You can actually buy the pineapple soft serve mix and make it right at home.


dole plantation wahiawa hawaii, pineapple ice cream cone, pineapple soft serve mix

Dole Plantation – Wahiawa, Hawaii


We can’t always be at Disney World, Disneyland, or the Dole Plantation 100% of the time. Especially if we don’t live in Orlando or in Hawaii. One of these days I’ll have to do a blog post that gives other locations around the country for where to find Dole Whip. But for now just enjoy it at home with your own mix!


aloha isle disney world, disney refreshments, dole pineapple, dole whip, disneyland dessert, disney ice cream, disney food, enchanted tiki room

Aloha Isle – Disney World


Okay I’ll give you something to tide you over until then. Here’s a locale that’s just right off of the top of my head… Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana has Dole Whip! They even serve the delicious Dole Whip float.


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DIY Dole Whip Pineapple Soft Serve Mix

It’s really simple to make Dole Whip at home.

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Just get the Dole Whip mix HERE.


And make it in a soft serve ice cream machine. An old fashioned ice cream maker (crank or electric) would work, too. You can get an old fashioned ice cream maker HERE.  


Details about the Dole pineapple soft serve mix:

  • This is a dry mix that you will reconstitute with water.
  • Dole Whip is lactose free. It’s also gluten free, dairy free, and vegan.
  • Each bag of mix will yield approximately 70 servings (if 4 oz in size). 


Where To Buy An Ice Cream Machine

This particular soft serve ice cream machine is an excellent option if you don’t have access to something that’s industrial grade. It’s a Cuisinart ice cream maker and a really great price.




Get the Cuisinart ice cream maker HERE.

It’s that easy to make Dole Whip at home with pineapple soft serve mix!


Be sure to check out the other Dole Whip information on the blog HERE.


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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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