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Pop Fidget Valentines Are POPular And Easy To Make – FREE PRINTABLE

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Pop Its are everywhere. The bubble popping game craze is upon us Seriously all the rage this year at elementary schools across the country. The fidget toys have become super popular (pun totally intended) for collecting and trading. It’s no surprise that pop fidget Valentines are the sought after free printable. A pop it Valentine printable is so easy to make and so cute given out with a heart fidget keychain!

free printable pop fidget valentines

Pop Fidget Valentines Are POPular And Easy To Make – FREE PRINTABLE

Kids definitely have a unique school year going on. Pop fidget toys primarily help to maintain focus in the classroom setting (which I think is even more so important this year with all the added distractions), but kids are taking the craze to a whole new level with collecting.

I didn’t realize that it was such a thing until my 2nd grader was devastated that he didn’t have any pop its and no one wanted to trade for his outdated fidget spinner. Needless to say this mom had to go online and order a supply of Among Us fidgets to get us through the rest of the school year.

among us pop it keychains

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History of Modern Day Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are not necessarily new to the 2020’s. At least the concept isn’t at all new. Each new generation has its own way to fidget for coping with anxiety and to help with focusing.

Fidget spinners were popular several years back. Those were preceded by stress balls, silly putty and even worry stones. But the Pop It is the original to grasp onto a kid favorite, bubble wrap.

classic fidget spinners


Pop It!

I first learned about the fidget toy brand Pop It! from Chuckle & Roar at a toy fair a few years ago. The toy reminded me of bubble wrap and it was indeed unique to the market. At the time I had no idea it would take off the way it did. But the bubble popping game was a hit. Like a snowball effect, pop fidget toys began popping (pun totally intended again) up everywhere.

original pop it chuckle & roarGet the original bubble popping game from Chuckle & Roar HERE.

Pop Fidget Valentines Free Printable

or Pop Quiz Valentine

Make Valentine’s Day extra special this year with the fun bubble popping game!

I enjoy making unique Valentines each year for my kids to give out at school and I enjoy helping to make your life easier with the free printables! A pop it Valentine printable is just that type of help to make your life easier.

What you’ll need to make these pop fidget Valentines:

  • pop fidget keychains – I ordered these in a pack of 21 and they are the perfectly priced pop fidget keychains at under $1 each. Comes in round, square and heart shaped.
  • free printable – The printable cards are perfectly sized for a 4×6 photo.

pop fidget valentines heart keychains

What you’ll do to make these pop fidget Valentines:

  • Print off the cards as a 4×6 photo. I like ordering my prints from Walgreens photo lab, because there’s almost always a coupon. Like right now? Around 25 cents each!

free printable pop fidget valentines

You can use either the PDF or PNG file to make a pop quiz Valentine.

  • Attach the pop fidget keychain to the printable pop it Valentine with either a piece of tape or use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner of the card to then feed the chain through.

pop quiz valentine printable pop fidget valentines

All in? Right at $1 each on these pop fidget Valentines!

Such a fun pop quiz Valentine and so easy to make!


Want The Less Lovey Version Of This Pop It Valentine Printable?

My son said these were too lovey for him so I had to make and edit to fit his own personality.


Get the less lovey pop it Valentine printable HERE.


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