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Portable Swimming Pool That’s Not A Stock Tank Pool

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So I did a thing. Or rather we did a thing. Something that my husband said we would never do. We got a pool and it’s not the kind that goes in the ground. And it’s not a stock tank pool. We got an easy set up pool for the kids to enjoy all summer long. If you are in the market for such a thing, let’s be real about the fact that everyone is due to the public pools not opening up this season, then read on because I’ve got the solution for you. Below you will find the portable swimming pool that you need for your backyard.

Best portable swimming pool not a stock tank pool

Portable Swimming Pool That’s Not A Stock Tank Pool

It’s indeed going to be a long summer around here. Anyone else feeling it? Ugh. When I first heard that the public pools weren’t opening this year, I may have shed a tear. This was going to be the summer that we spent every, single day at the pool. And then 2020 had to come along and ruin our plans. Don’t get me wrong. I totally get that there are far more important things going on right now than whether or not we can swim in a pool. But I still shed a tear over the loss of a summer of swimming. Whatever were we going to do all summer long. That’s when I decided that we had to get a pool. Given the current state of affairs, an inground pool is not even close to being in the budget. Plus, there are permits and all that jazz. But some that can actually be moved in the backyard? Totally doable.

At first I looked at the idea of a stock tank pool. That’s what I had as a kid and I have so many fond memories swimming with all the neighborhood kids in it. To this day I’m not even sure how we all fit in that 8 ft. across space but we did! The thing with a stock tank pool is this, they are expensive. In my childhood we had gotten it from a family member who farmed and had actual livestock. A stock tank is also a pain to store in the colder months and difficult to keep clean. To buy a stock tank pool will run anywhere between $300-$400. Then you have to outfit it with a filter. There are other portable pools out there that cost less, come with a filtration system built right in, and are considerably larger than a stock tank.


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Best Portable Swimming Pool


Coleman 18′ x 48″ Pool

Coleman portable swimming pool

While this above ground pool is not much less than a stock tank would cost, it’s much bigger in size. Deeper, too. So all the neighborhood kids won’t have to crowd in a metal stock tank. Plus, it comes with a filtration system, cover, and ladder! This Coleman 18′ x 48″ pool is available HERE.


Have an enjoyable summer! Stay safe and well!


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Kurt Grosse

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

Thanks for your post! I had to stop my searching just to read it! Being a long-time coach and volunteer for youth sports, I really appreciated it. Access to various youth sports is so important. In Las Vegas, most developments for the last 30 years are master-planned communities. I included a link to my post in case others don’t know what one is: I’m grateful every day for where we live and again, thanks for posting.

Kurt Grosse

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