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Printable General Conference Coloring Pages For YW

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It’s a time of year that I look forward to. Yet this one is going to be a tad bit different than most. Read on to find out why and to print off some fun General Conference coloring pages that are perfect for the YW.

Free printable General Conference coloring pages LDS young women

Printable General Conference Coloring Pages For YW

Get free printable General Conference bingo cards HERE.

General Conference comes around twice a year for members of my faith. You can find out more about it here. We were told last October that April’s General Conference would be different from any previous Conference.” At the time I wondered what could be different. Would the location be different and be held in Palmyra, New York (given that it’s a Bicentennial Year for our faith) instead of in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City? What new revelation would be shared with us? So many questions. While this Conference will indeed be different than others due to the restrictions brought on due to social distancing, I do think there will be other great and extraordinary differences. We shall just have to wait and see for the weekend to find out!

Staying Connected With YW During Social Distancing

In the meantime we are preparing this week to hear the words of our church leaders this. Even with social distancing I’m still working with the youth girls at church. Young Women or YW as we often refer to them. We have been meeting through online video conferencing on Sundays and did a youth activity during the week.

Zoom Sunday


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The girls really enjoy getting together!


On Tuesday night we will have another activity via the video conferencing. I’ve created a few printable coloring pages that the girls can work on while we just chat and gather together online. My hope is that they will then take notes on the back of the pages while watching General Conference. Then one day, looking back, they will remember how we met together prior to that particular Conference. How we were still there for each other and connected. And what the words from the April 2020 General Conference meant to them. What stuck out in their minds at the time and what they learned.


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Get free printable General Conference bingo cards HERE.



Free Printable General Conference Coloring Pages

Click on any of the images below to get the printable PDF.


Keep My Commandments coloring page LDS young women



Be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble, be prayerful Gordon B. Hinckley coloring page LDS young women



Bloom where you are planted coloring page LDS young women General Conference



Shine Bright coloring page stars



I hope you enjoy these General Conference coloring pages as much as I do!


Get free printable General Conference bingo cards HERE.


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