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Printable Harry Potter Valentines: Unique And Easy To Make With Magic Wand Pencils

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For over 23 years now the Wizarding World has been in the hearts of many so it’s no surprise that each year printable Harry Potter Valentines are in high demand. But adding magic wand pencils to the Valentine? Makes it even more magical!

free printable harry potter valentines

Printable Harry Potter Valentines: Unique And Easy To Make With Magic Wand Pencils

My daughter is obsessed with Harry Potter. Okay all of my kids are really. Or at least have been at different ages or some point in time. If you follow me on Instagram then you might remember that we even did a Harry Potter Halloween theme last year. Well, for two of the kids… oldest girl and her baby sister.

The Harry Potter Halloween theme did involve me making the costumes because of course my oldest daughter didn’t just want to be any character from the Wizarding World… she wanted to be a Basilisk. And that meant that I had to get creative! Ans so the basilisk Halloween costume was born!

basilisk halloween costume

And of course the little sister had to have a costume of her own to match in theme with the basilisk Halloween costume.

What Is A Basilisk?

The basilisk… is it legend or a real? While depiction in Harry Potter of the monstrous green snake with yellow eyes that will freeze you in your path is the work of fiction, there are lizards that do carry that name. Was the basilisk just an old legend like the Loch Ness Monster or did the snake really exist. You be the judge!

Either way my daughter needed Harry Potter cards for the Valentine’s Day right after the basilisk Halloween costume! 



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Magic Wand Valentines

My daughter needed something from the Wizarding World to give out for Valentine’s Day and so I got creative again! I love hope these DIY Valentines turned out and I hope that your kids will love them, too.



Harry Potter Have A Magical Valentine’s Day Valentine Cards


What you’ll need to make these printable Harry Potter Valentines:

  • magic wand pencils – I ordered these in a box of 24 and they are the perfectly priced at less than 70 cents each. You’ll get 6 wands in each color: dark brown, light brown, purple and blue.
  • free printable – The printable Harry Potter Valentines are perfectly sized for a 4×6 photo.

harry potter magic wand pencils

Get the magic wand pencils HERE.


What you’ll do to make these printable Harry Potter Valentines:

  • Print off the cards as a 4×6 photo. I like ordering my prints from Walgreens photo lab, because there’s almost always a coupon. Like right now? Around 25 cents each!

have a magical valentines day valentine card


You can use either the PDF orPNG file to make these Harry Potter Valentine cards.




  • Attach a magic wand pencil to the DIY Valentines with either a piece of tape or you can cut two slits in the corner of the card to use as a holder for the wand.


printable harry potter valentines

Sooooo easy to make these DIY Valentines and they turn out to be super cute!

Kids will be sure to have a magical Valentine’s Day with these unique and fun printable Harry Potter Valentines!


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