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Printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Kids Will Love

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We’ve been trying to get creative around here with what to keep us busy and having fun at the same time. My husband is even in on it since he’s home with us. Yesterday he created a neighborhood scavenger hunt for us to go on with the kids. Read on for all the information on what you need to do with your own kids and to get a free printable!

DIY printable neighborhood scavenger hunt for kids

Printable Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Kids Will Love


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It was so nice to get out of the house and take a family scavenger hunt! Temperatures are warming up around here and spring flowers are blooming. With quarantine and the stay-at-home order you can still get outside. Especially in your own neighborhood. Walking outdoors is actually even more health for you right now. It’s an easy way to life your spirits in this stressful situation that we are all facing.


Family scavenger hunt fire hydrant red tulips

family scavenger hunt


Our kids loved exploring our own neighborhood to look for the items on the list. All can be found outside as you walk and if you happen to see someone else walking, just social distance. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with still getting some exercise and having some fun while doing it! The following free printable will help to get you started on your scavenger hunt.




DIY Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt idea is simple and easy to accomplish. I hope your kids enjoy it as much as mine did!


Get the free printable HERE.


Easy DIY neighborhood scavenger hunt printable

Get the free printable HERE.


The kids seriously loved it! Plus, it was a great way to get them working together as they looked for the items on the list. It’s definitely something that we are going to do again and again over the next several weeks. With different items of course. Ha! Unless we walk a different direction. *wink*

Or… I’ll just make up a list of new items. Stay tuned for more scavenger hunt sheets!



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