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Printable Pop Quiz Valentines: Easy To Make With Pop It Fidget Keychains!

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What can I say? A pop it Valentine printable is definitely the most sought after this year. It’s the popular card to give on Valentine’s Day! Especially if there’s a fidget keychain attached to it. So naturally I just had to create some fun printable pop quiz Valentines for my second grader to give out at school on Valentine’s Day!

pop it valentine printable

Printable Pop Quiz Valentines: Easy To Make With Pop It Fidget Keychains!

I already created some printable pop quiz fidget Valentine cards, but my son was not a fan. In fact he was quite insistent that he would NOT be handing those out at school. They were too lovey for his taste by asking if the recipient would be his Valentine. Ha!

So I made a quick edit and the non lovey pop it Valentine printable was born!

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Why Do Kids Trade Pop It Fidget Toys And Pop It Keychains?

Fidget keychains and pop it keychains are must haves at our house. My younger kids love putting them on their backpacks. And of course trading them at school. Kids everywhere like to accessorize their backpacks with keychains. No keys. Just keychains!

I asked my kids why they wanted to trade pop it fidget toys and they initially said that they didn’t know. Because everyone else is? I think that it goes back to years gone by. Collecting is nothing new. I’m sure we all collected and traded things in our childhood. Some of us might still!

I used to collect rocks. Oh and stickers. Remember those sticker books in the 80’s with the slick pages? That way the collectible puffy stickers could come off easily and be traded? Of course the books also had clear pockets to hold the flat stickers that were just for the purpose of trading. Those were good times!

I did find this one available that is almost like the vintage versions.

80s sticker book

Get the sticker book HERE.

While this sticker book does have specially coated pages that allow for repositioning of stickers, it’s not exactly like the ones I remember from childhood. We really need to bring back the original and vintage looking ones, though! Let’s get the movement going HERE.

Free Printable Pop Quiz Valentines

Or… Pop It Fidget Valentines

I really do enjoy making unique Valentines each year for my kids to give out at school and the fact that it helps to make your life easier is a win win! And a pop it Valentine printable will be the most popular Valentine given out in the classrooms this year!

What you’ll need to make these printable pop quiz Valentines:

  • pop fidget keychains – I ordered these in a pack of 21 and they are the perfectly priced pop fidget keychains at well under $1 each. They come in shapes that are round, square and heart.
  • free printable – These printable cards are perfectly sized to fit on a 4×6 photo.
heart pop it keychains

Get the heart shaped pop it keychains HERE.

What you’ll do to make these printable pop quiz Valentines:

  • Print off the cards as a 4×6 photo. I like ordering my prints from Walgreens photo lab, because there’s almost always a coupon. Like right now? Around 25 cents each!

have an excellent valentines day free printable pop quiz valentines card

You can use the file HERE to make the printable pop quiz Valentines.

  • Simply attach Pop It fidget keychain with either a piece of tape. Or you can use a hole punch to make a hole in the corner of the pop it Valentine printable to then feed the chain through.

It’s that simply to make and they turn out really cute.

And NOT lovey at all!!!

I hope your child enjoys this pop it Valentine printable as much as mine does!

Want the more lovey version?

free printable pop quiz valentines

It’s also available on the blog HERE.

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