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Rainbow Jam Review & Giveaway

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Disclosure for this Magic Moves Rainbow Jam Review & Giveaway posting:  We received this product for the purpose of the review but all opinions are strictly our own. 
My daughter loves music.  When music is playing she loves to dance and sing.  One of her favorites is “How You Like Me Now” from the album The House That Dirt Built, by The Heavy.  She hears it and she has been known to start bobbing up and down and just can’t keep still.  Its a good song if you haven’t heard it.
Rainbow Jam Review
The little lady will also pick up anything when the music is playing and use it as a microphone.   A spoon, a toy, or just her hand.  Now instead of those she can use a microphone:  Magic Moves Rainbow Jam from Educational Insights.  Granted that this device looks like a microphone but really it’s not.  I just know that my little lady will treat it like one.
magic moves
Rainbow Jam is a device that that combines music and color.  It is easy to use.  It has an on off switch that will also pick what volume the music will play.  (Around my house that is aways on the lower setting as I must protect those ears).  When it is on you have the choice to pick piano setting or the musical note setting.  When in the musical note setting you take the device and place it on anything that is any color.  The sensor in the bottom says the color and it will then play a song about that color.  The musical note on the microphone will also be that color as well while the music is playing.  There is a book that come along with it so that you can pick a color from the book or as I said before you can use anything.  Here is a small list of things that we put it on around the house: the fridge, a stuffed animal, the table, a plate, and even my hair.  Here is the little lady giving it a whirl.

When using the piano switch the device will play musical notes depending on the color that the sensor is on.  Green is one note, yellow another, red yet another.  You get the picture.  The book that is comes will has different songs mapped out in colors so that certain songs can be played such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and my personal favorite Row Your Boat.  I can already see my little lady making up songs by just putting the device on the floor, wall, her brother, etc.
I also know that when the music starts around the house that she will look at me and ask where her rainbow microphone is and she will sing along with the music for years to come.
Hope you enjoyed this Magic Moves Rainbow Jam Review.
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And now…
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