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Rainbow Leprechaun Treats For St. Patrick’s Day

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These rainbow leprechaun treats are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! The holiday of all things green will be here before you know it (less than a month away) and you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy the festivities. Look around where you live and I bet you’ll find something going on. There’s always a big parade here in the Lou. A huge celebration of communities coming together to celebrate the Luck o’ the Irish in Dogtown. This part of St. Louis is historically where Irish immigrants lived and thus now the home of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Of course the local schools get in on the action as well by kids dressing in green and having fun activities. This year the day falls on a Saturday so I would imagine that schools will be celebrating the day before… And I think these rainbow leprechaun treats are going to be quite the hit with the kids this year!

Festive rainbow leprechaun treats or leprechaun bait perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Rainbow Leprechaun Treats Perfect For St. Patrick’s Day


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Leprechaun bait, or treats, are so easy to make and kids will love eating the snack right up!


How To Make Rainbow Leprechaun Treats:

  • At the bottom of the clear plastic bag, place mini marshmallows for clouds.
  • Next, layer different colors of Fruit Loops, creating a rainbow. You can add more mini marshmallows to complete the end of the rainbow or use a twist tie!


Delicious and easy to make recipe unicorn party idea.

Seriously that easy to make!

These treats are perfect for the classroom or making at home for your kids to enjoy as an after school snack. Dare I say that it would even be the ideal on the go breakfast in March? Maybe just not every day. *wink* Also a great snack idea for a rainbow themed or unicorn birthday party. Enjoy!

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with leprechaun bait!

How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Do you go to parades? Wear green? Eat corn beef and cabbage? Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the day and make some of these festive treats for all your friends.


Farmhouse table, rainbow stripe scrapbook paper and leprechaun bait.



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Rainbow treat Pinterest idea for unicorn party.


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