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Rothy’s Fitness Challenge: Reward Yourself By Getting Fit

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Long gone are the days of the New Years resolutions. How many of you actually kept with it and accomplished your goal? To be honest, I don’t even think that I started a goal. Getting myself in shape has been a struggle. For me, a motivator has always help. If you are looking for a fitness challenge motivator then this post is definitely for you. My motivator? Rothy’s.

Rothy's shoes fitness challenge for getting in shape.

Rothy’s Fitness Challenge: Reward Yourself By Getting Fit

I’m obsessed with Rothy’s shoes. They are seriously like sweaters on my feet. Over the last little while my husband has gotten me two pairs and I’m hooked. BEST. SHOES. EVER.

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So naturally the idea of a new pair of Rothy’s was perfect for keeping me motivated to get fit. If you following me on Instagram and Facebook then you know that I reached a point a few weeks ago where I realized something. It had been apparently creeping up on me for some time. Slowly I started noticing that my jeans were starting to get snug. I brushed it off that they just got too hot in the dryer and would stretch out again. Only they didn’t. Then I started noticing that my shirts were fitting tighter and I thought it had to do with a new bra. Only it wasn’t. My face was looking more full in pictures and I just thought the camera was adding 10 lbs. Only it was way more than just 10 lbs. I got on the scale and did the math only to realize that I’m up 40 lbs. That’s right. FORTY. How does one even gain 40 lbs without realizing it? Looking at that number on the scale again and coming to terms with the fact that I never weight that much before was an awakening moment. It was time for a change.


Last summer when I was pregnant, I ate because it helped to keep the nausea and morning sickness at bay. I gained some weight to my already over weight amount. Then after the miscarriage, I ate because I was depressed and it made me feel better. Now I’m emerging from that darkness, coming to terms with everything and able to see for the first time in I don’t know how long. See that I have some work to do. It’s going to take some time but I’m going to work towards my goal of losing the weight. I owe my family this. To be healthy and be able to do things with them for many years to come. I owe myself this. And so my husband and I sat down and decided that I need pick a reward to keep me motivated.

Rothy’s Fitness Challenge

Why are fitness rewards important?

It’s proven and research backed that choosing a reward will actually help you to stay motivated. Ultimately helping you to attain your goal! But how to go about choosing a motivator?

Easy tips and tricks for how to find a fitness challenge motivator. Kettle bell weights in pink, blue and green.

Choosing a fitness motivator is really simple and easy to do:

  • Set a goal. Be it working out x number of days a week for a length of time or losing a specific amount of weight. Pick a goal that if important to you and one that you definitely want to attain.


  • Pick a motivator item. This can be anything that you desire, but make sure that you choose something that is going to keep you motivated. It could be a new pair of gym shoes, a new shirt or dinner at your favorite restaurant.


  • Goal reached. Once you reach your goal then be sure to follow through with your reward.


  • Keep going. If you’ve completed your goal and still have more to work on… simply set a new goal with a new motivator in place.

Good luck and feel free to tell me which motivator you choose!


Print off a fitness reward chart on the blog HERE.

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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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