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Serious about super dandy things.

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You already know that we are serious about super dandy things around here.  How could we not be?  I live at the dandy house, where we like dandy things, and we are constantly on the look out for all things dandy.  We literally see dandy all around us.  So it’s not a surprise that we are serious about super dandy things.  Dandy things like being together as a family for the Super Bowl.  This year was the baby’s first Super Bowl:

superbowl  He was born the morning after the Super Bowl last year.

Which means…  He is 1 TODAY!

Can you believe it?!  I cannot.  Where does the time go?

Do YOU remember his memorable birth story?

Seems like yesterday.  His birth was fast and this year has flown by.

 So for Super Bowl XLIX, like always, we stayed home to party it up with the little guys.  We’ve yet to party without our children.  Sure they may not watch the entire game, but we do the Super Bowl thing with them.  They eat the Super Bowl food, watch some of the game, and then they just play around.  It’s all about the family togetherness around here for Super Bowl Sunday.

This year my brother came over with our little niece.  Instead of watching the game downstairs in our media room the older kids decided that they need to play some video games.

(Fortunately my friends over at Ubisoft had recently sent a package that contained some family video games.)


Banjo had tried out Rabbids Invasion before his cousin arrived.  He liked it a lot because the TV show was familiar to him.  This game is highly interactive and right up his alley.  Keep in mind that most of the games he plays are of a superhero persuasion, but this game does have the superhero spin–even if it’s not  your typical superhero.  In his mind these are Rabbid Superheroes.  The Rabbids video game gives you the opportunity to participate in challenges that superhero-like.  🙂


Even Ruby got in on the fun!

When cousin H arrived they took over the family room and could not get enough of Just Dance 2015.

justdance  Seriously such a FUN video game.

They danced and danced and danced.  They laughed and laughed and laughed.  They had such a good time.  The favorite song of choice?  What Does the Fox Say.  Another favorite of this game?  The playback.  If you’ve never played Just Dance before (like us) there’s an option at the end that shows a snippet of the Kinect’s footage of you.

Here’s the playback of the happy kiddies:

And again:

And again:

Told you that they couldn’t get enough!

Just Dance 2015 has definitely become a fan favorite at our house.

Which leads me to ask you…  “What DOES the fox say???”

I received the above mentioned video games (at no cost to me) for doing this review, but all opinions are definitely my own and my own alone.

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