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Sibling Matching Pajamas To Wear On The Polar Express

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Sibling matching pajamas are definitely the way to go when taking a ride on the Polar Express for the holidays! There are so many different options to choose from and it’s a family favorite for Christmas pictures each year.

sibling matching pajamas for the polar express train ride

Sibling Matching Pajamas To Wear On The Polar Express

We really enjoy going on the Polar Express at Union Station here in St. Louis as a family each year for the Christmas holidays. Just part of the fun is having the kids dress up in matching Christmas pajamas. I love capturing the moment with Santa while the kids are in their holiday jammies!


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The Polar Express Train Ride

This unique train ride experience takes place in cities across the country. Themed after the The Polar Express book (that was also made into a holiday movie) and it’s not surprising that it has become a Christmas tradition for many families.

Here in St. Louis The Polar Express train ride rolls into the station downtown at Union Station. St. Louis families love climbing all aboard and taking a magical ride. There’s even hot chocolate and cookies just like in the treasured book.

The Polar Express Sibling Matching Pajamas

We’ve went to The Polar Express at Union Station 4 years now. This year will be #5! Here’s a look back at the sibling matching pajamas over the years.


Santa and kids St. Louis Polar Express train ride

So little!!!! That year I found the family Christmas pajamas at Target. They didn’t match exactly, but rather coordinated.



the childrens place sibling matching pajamas for christmas

More on my game the second year with the family matching pajamas! And the kids loved those hooded onesie pajamas. So warm! I ordered them from The Children’s Place.



kids in front of holiday train cars at Union Station in St. Louis

Oh the year of the buffalo check pajamas. Loved those. Again hoodie onesies that totally matched. And just as warm as the year previous.



Pictures with Santa at The Polar Express St. Louis Union Station

That brings us to the pandemic Christmas! Don’t laugh, but I ordered these sibling matching pajamas for the holidays (coordinating again) online from Old Navy and then did drive up for the pick up. Ha!

We definitely all have the memories that will last forever of the pandemic life. Also the shoes are looking rough and one even has a hole in the toe… because virtual school meant we didn’t splurge on new clothes or shoes. Those Christmas pajamas were worn on many a Zoom school let me tell you!

What will be the sibling matching pajamas for 2021?

Stay tuned for the big reveal on Instagram! But it’s highly like that one of the following combinations will be the family Christmas pajamas (or in this case sibling Christmas pajamas) of choice. And this time? There will be a 4th little pajama wearer in the picture. 


Reindeer Antlers Christmas Pajamas

Reindeer Antlers Christmas sibling matching pajamas
 So classic and festive! Get these reindeer antler Christmas pajamas HERE.


Sketch Christmas Trees

burts bees baby trees footed pajamas

Simple in design for baby and yet perfectly paired with black and white buffalo check for the older siblings. I think these little sketch Christmas trees are perfection. Available HERE.




Santa Lighting Christmas Tree Pajamas 
santa lighting christmas tree pajamas
Features Santa lighting a Christmas tree and available HERE.





Gnome Merry Christmas Pajamas

gnome siblings matching pajamas for merry christmas
More buffalo check! The style just screaming holiday season. These gnome Merry Christmas pajamas are so fun and festive! Available HERE.



Hearth & Home Magnolia Christmas Pajamas At Target

hearth and hand with magnolia

image source: Target

Did you know there’s a whole line of Joanna Gaines Christmas pajamas at Target?! See the entire collection of Hearth & Home Magnolia holiday pajamas HERE.




More Sibling Matching Pajamas

& Family Christmas Pajamas

Click the link to see the complete collection available at each store!


Old Navy


Lands’ End


The Children’s Place





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This post could contain affiliate links or be sponsored which means I earn from advertising. Also as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. More details here.

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