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Skin Cancer Selfie: Day 5 Feeling Yellow

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I’m feeling yellow on this Day 5 skin care selfie.  Day 5.  I can’t believe I’m already here and yet still not ready to face the world.  Believe me when I say that it’s so much easier to share my new look from behind the computer.  I didn’t go to church today.  Just not ready to brave the crowds without makeup.  Makeup allows a woman to hide.  I’ll use it to eventually cover the scarring but for now I’m not able to wear it until the healing process is finished.  So for now I have no way to hide.

The bruising is starting to take on that yellow hue.  I know that means it’s healing.  It’s the stages that a wound goes through.  Tomorrow will bring a new stage.  For now I’m just feeling yellow.

Skin Cancer Selfie:  Day 5

eye selfie

One of my favorite songs

And fitting for my moment of feeling yellow.

I had other moments in life when I felt yellow.  I found myself listening to this song often while I was going through it.  One day I’ll open up and share about those times.  For now I’m getting through this moment.  One step at a time.

Tomorrow will bring the skin care selfie for Day 6.  I’m ready.

Protect your skin.  Wear sunscreen.  Do not tan.  Get annual skin checks.

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