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Skin Cancer Selfie: Day 6

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On this day’s skin cancer selfie I’m still looking a little yellow.  Very similar to Day 5 actually.  So definitely less on the black and blue now.  I’m still feeling a little yellow too.  It was back to work for me and a Monday so that’s kind of a yellow kinda day anyway.  Right?  So here I am just trying to get back into my life and my current new look.

Skin Cancer Selfie:  Day 6

day 6

I did leave the house for lunch and met up with some friends.  It did me some good to get out.  This adventure was not without the expected stares or questions.  While I’m thinking that my face looks pretty darn good (THANK YOU, ocular plastic surgeon) I’ve already been met with the conversations following the stares.  This is still all new to me so I feel like I almost owe everyone an explanation.  Like I need to acknowledge that they are staring and explain what exactly they are staring at.  So I converse about it and then get the responses that go like this, “Oh I thought you got in a car accident” or the one where I must look tough,  “It looks like someone clocked you one” or the ever popular, “I was wondering what was going on there”.  Really?  Like I didn’t catch you staring because it wasn’t obvious at all.  No, I didn’t get in a  bar fight.  Car accident?  That’s a good assumption but clearly the rest of me made it out just fine.

Will these convos fade as the days go by?  Will the scar remain and have people still wondering?  Questioning?  Will I get to the point that I don’t acknowledge it or even realize that it has just happened?  Maybe one day my skin cancer selfie will just be a selfie.  Hopefully.  One day.

Protect your skin.  Wear sunscreen.  Do not tan.  Get annual skin checks.

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