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Skin Cancer Selfie: Day 8

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I know that I sounded so very elated in yesterday’s skin cancer selfie.  I truly was.  The post-op appointment was everything that I could have hoped for.  The surgeon was happy with the it’s healing.  But here I sit back at home and the worries of before start to seep back in.  I’m analyzing the entire appointment.  Was the surgeon happy with the way it looked or did he simply mean that the wound was healing well?  Will there be a scar and how long will it be visible?  Forever?  I suppose that time will just have to tell.

Skin Cancer Selfie:  Day 8


It’s clear even in my every day life that the above is always on my mind.

That point in life (that I’ve waited years for) is finally here.  I’m able to share the world of Harry Potter with our 7 year old and I’m relishing every moment.

harry potter

However, this moment is also shadowed by my current situation.  In some ways I now feel a kindred spirit connection to these books.  A connection that wasn’t completely there before.  In my life the ‘You-Know-Who’ is skin cancer.  It has given me the wicked looking, lightening bolt shaped, potentially permanent scar.  My ‘You-Know-Who’ is evil, ravaging, takes no prisoners, and is lying in wait to appear again.  Much like the Dementors this basal cell thing can suck the life right out of you.  Sounds strange I know but those have been my thoughts as I’ve re-entered the wizarding world.  So yes.  This skin cancer thing is always on my mind.

Protect your skin.  Wear sunscreen.  Do not tan.  Get annual skin checks.

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